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Join The SIG Sauer Legion

SIG Sauer has just officially announced their new Legion Series program. The Legion Series is a line of special edition firearms within the SIG Sauer line, with the first offerings being variants of the P226 and P229 pistols. Customers who purchase these firearms will be eligible for the Legion Series Program, where they will receive a custom weapon case, challenge coin, and be eligible for special deals and products only available to Legion members. You can read the full release below:

Legion Series

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SIG SAUER Introduces Legion Series Featuring Exclusive Firearms, Program

NEWINGTON, N.H. (October 6, 2015) — SIG SAUER, Inc., the world’s premier manufacturer of complete weapon systems, is now inviting professional users worldwide to become part of the new Legion Series. By joining its ranks, Legion members will receive access to a new line of enhanced products from SIG SAUER, developed with the input of the most elite professionals from around the world. These products have been built to meet and exceed the demands of the elite. These are serious tools, for serious users. The Legion is also a community, a brotherhood of like-minded individuals who push themselves and their gear to the limits. Legion members will receive exclusive product offerings and information from SIG, gain access to premium accessories built specially for the Legion, and find lifestyle items representing their membership in the Legion.

The Legion name has roots reaching back to the great Roman armies, and to this day designates elite membership among the world’s military and professional communities.

“We have worked with elite SIG users for years as we have developed the Legion,” said Jeff Creamer, Executive Director and General Merchandise Manager for SIG SAUER, Inc. “We wanted to know what custom features professionals were seeking as factory enhancements. The result is a line of high performance firearms and accessories that deliver not only what elite users need, but what they want.” After customers purchase a Legion product, they simply call SIG SAUER with their serial number to register the product. SIG will then send a complimentary custom Thermo-Mold case, cut for their specific firearm and featuring a slot for their challenge coin matched to that firearm.

SIG Legion SureFire

The new Legion member will also receive a web account login, which unlocks the Legion portion of the SIG website. Here Legion members can learn more about the privileges of being a member of the Legion and find exclusive products expressly designed for them. Partnering with companies like Surefire, Peltor, Blackpoint Tactical and others, members can purchase top-of-the-line accessories made exclusively as part of the Legion Series.

SIG Legion Knives

SIG SAUER has also partnered with some of the finest blade makers in the industry to offer Legion-specific knives available only to members. To name just a few, Emerson Knives, Rick Hinderer, Daniel Winkler, Duane Dwyer of Duane Dwyer Customs and Strider Knives, and Quartermaster Knives are designing and building these exclusive offerings specifically for the Legion.

Additional lifestyle accessories from premier manufacturers such as Gramm Works humidors and Key-Bar products will also be exclusives to the Legion base.

Legion members will have exclusive access to SIG SAUER product news and training tips from the SIG SAUER Academy faculty. They will also be among the first to see new Legion products as they come available.

LEGION-P229 DA-SA right

The Legion will launch with the two most prevalent SIG SAUER handguns in use within the professional community. The P226 and P229 have served countless military units and law enforcement agencies for decades. These trusted firearms are counted on day in and day out to protect those who protect our freedoms.

Both models will be finished in a proprietary Legion gray PVD coating, custom G-10 grips with a Legion medallion, the new SIG SAUER Electro-Optics X-RAY3 high visibility day/night sights, and will ship with three magazines.

The P226 and P229 in DA/SA include a reduced and contoured Elite beavertail, which allows for a higher grip, but a reduced profile, to eliminate printing while carrying concealed. More aggressive front strap checkering and additional checkering under the trigger guard enhance the grip, even in adverse situations. A high undercut has been machined behind the trigger guard, allowing for a higher grip and greater control. Front cocking serrations provide greater purchase for cycling the action, clearing the firearm, or conducting status checks. The P226 and P229 DA/SA guns will first be available in 9mm, followed by .40 and .357SIG.

The DA/SA also features low profile decocking and slide catch levers to reduce the risk of snagging. An enhanced polished action with the SRT (Short-Reset Trigger) is augmented with a Grayguns, Inc., Intermediate Adjustable Trigger. In addition, a solid steel guide rod adds weight where it matters most. These enhancements maximize the user’s accuracy potential, while increasing their split times between shots.


The P226 SAO variant brings the same feature set to the table in a single-action only package. The addition of the SIG Master Shop Super Match Flat Trigger provides exceptional feel and consistent trigger pull regardless of finger placement. Additionally, the Legion SAO debuts the new single action SRT (short reset trigger) and is available in 9mm. The P226 SAO is projected to begin shipping in November.

Available only at SIG SAUER dealers, the Legion Series of products will grow to include offerings from all of SIG SAUER, including rifles, optics, silencers, and more. For more information on how you can join the Legion, please visit www.legionseries.com.


22 Responses to “Join The SIG Sauer Legion”

  1. .308 says:

    it seems that SIG is “making” everything these days.. from ammo to optics.. I hope they can focus on the quality and service of their firearms…distraction from core competency can be deadly.

    • SR says:

      In 2009 when every decided they would gladly pay an extra 350 dollar per sig pistol was the day the decline began. I used to buy sigs for the performance/value. Now every sig is the price of a high end custom gun from any other manufacture. I’ll pass on whatever their special edition of the quarter is, especially since this one looks like some sort of EA type merch scheme. Pay up front for access to limited release extras, later, when you’re ready to pay for them again.

      • straps says:

        EA type merch scheme. Well put.

        I say that from the perspective of an end user who prefers the trigger and ergonomics of the Sig over all others…

        • Tom says:

          To those of you who are nay-sayers, you are not really understanding what today’s pistols are capable of. Sig Sauer is the finest pistol made. Unfortunately, for most of you, the $600 POS Beretta 92 shoots beyond your training or capabilities. I feel sorry that you will never have the skills to appreciate the difference between a plastic (G)shlock or mil-spec Springfield Armory vs. the superior craftsmanship of a Sig.

          • Richard Borden says:

            Good point Tom. As a retired military combat veteran, Sigs are my choice of carry, as a matter of fact, I have already purchased the Sig P229 Legion as my daily carry. Love it. Everything Sig has done with the new Legion series is amazing! Finally I can purchase a carry and not have to have it “tuned” to my standard.

  2. St says:

    What he said…..

  3. Matt says:

    Does this mean more pistols that deviate from their standard desigs jussstt enough not to fit in standard holsters?

    Thanks but no thanks.

  4. Chechen says:

    For the price they are selling at I would expect the Knife and/or light to come with it… I know SIG is pricey but damn! That’s around M1a pricing there..

    • HSR47 says:

      There’s a fair bit of room between dealer cost and MSRP; Expect the street price to be below MSRP.

      • Lonewolfjaves says:

        I just bought the P226 and it was $1199.00 plus tax. Nice gun but the “Secretive club and Guarded access toll free number” is an answering machine that tells you to call the standard customer service number which negates all of the extra fuss a PRIVATE Toll Free number would solve. Not happy so far…

  5. BravoMike says:

    Gotta give it to Sig. I can’t think of any other company that can rename and market so many slightly altered versions of the same thing, over and over. Too many gimmicks to sort through these days. I’ll stick to my 20 year old 226, thank you very much.

    • HSR47 says:

      “I can’t think of any other company that can rename and market so many slightly altered versions of the same thingI can’t think of any other company that can rename and market so many slightly altered versions of the same thing…”

      You mean like Kimber?

  6. Reeky says:

    That grey 229 is pretty suite

  7. Specialist Heintz says:

    If I join their cool guy club will all the FUBAR’d rails, sights, and other problems with their 556 series rifles magically unfck themselves?

  8. Scott says:

    I wonder if they RUST as bad as their regular p226’s and 229’s???? Maybe their next color will be the RUST RED lineup…..

    • PacMan says:

      I’ve had a P226 since 1988 and have fired thousands and thousands of rounds through it. I don’t take care of it nearly as good as I probably should, but it has ZERO rust on it. It’s just as smooth and reliable as it was right out of the box and is my go-to gun for home defense….because I know I can depend on it’s dead-on accuracy and reliability no matter what.

      I’ve also used their P229 for duty carry and on the range, I’m an instructor, and have seen 10’s of thousands of rounds through those guns and guess what? No rust.

      Try harder.

  9. tazman66gt says:

    Any time a company has to market it with the “lifestyle” tag you know its going to be expensive. Just more crap for the collectors.

    • PacMan says:

      It’s actually the same price as a few of their other “custom” guns and has more features. This gun is a winner and well worth the $1k you pay for it. Yes, you can easily find these for right around the $1k mark and if you add up just the upgrades you would pay over $1k just to upgrade your stock P226 to have everything this comes with.

      Try harder.

  10. Bill says:

    Actually, those are mods l’d like on a duty gun, without all the other crap. It beats rainbow titanium truck box tread 238s and Equinoxes and stuff. Probably too much to hope for an in-spec Pic rail.

    And a SRT on a SAO sounds a little redundant, or scary for street work, or both.

    Next SIG will bring back their credit cards.

  11. Snakeman says:

    I liked what I saw until Osage video showed the right side of the gun. Damn, got that new fandangled big extractor. I think the old extractor worked just fine.
    When I attended my last Sig Classic Pistol Armorer’s class the instructor bragged on how Sig was using the same time proven design, because it worked. So I asked then why did they changed to the new style extractor? Old one was working just fine, and caused no major problems if replaced when worn. Well that didn’t go over well. The answer he gave was, “engineering wanted it”. So I’m not investing into this “new” series with that hideous looking extractor. Did I say you need a new special shaped punch to remove the pin that holds it in place.
    Not part of their Armorer’s tool kit, and cost $28.00 bucks extra. Pass

  12. T. J. says:

    Sigh just seems to hate left handed shooters. FN is OK with was. Beretta treats us fine. Glock basically ignores the issue all together.

  13. Ron says:

    For a new guy to the Sig line, The P226 offered most things that I normally go out and buy after the initial purchase. Got it $400 below MSRP and couldn’t be happier.