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US Elite – Q&A with Galen Armstrong, Arc’teryx LEAF Designer

Steve Keefer talks with Galen Armstrong, Arc’teryx Designer – Law Enforcement & Armed Forces (LEAF), to get a behind-the-scenes point of view on their best-in-class gear. Galen shares his insights on the process, the inspiration, the prices, and what makes LEAF special.

Included is a short video featuring David Kramer demonstrating the moisture wicking ability of Arc’teryx LEAF.

Check it out here.


2 Responses to “US Elite – Q&A with Galen Armstrong, Arc’teryx LEAF Designer”

  1. Kerbert says:

    Stopped shopping at US Elite Gear ever since all they advertise is Arc’teryx. They always claim Veteran owned blah blah support American small business but never advertise or push US MADE products from other US small business’. Every week it’s Arcteryx sale this or Arcteryx sale that. Everyone and their grandma sell arcteryx.

    • Steve says:

      Kerbert, we are a US small business. So anyone purchasing from us is supporting American jobs. And our campaigns just over the last two weeks included other great US made products such as Velocity Systems and Ares Gear; with more to come. We offer the best quality gear, and Arc’teryx happens to be best-in-class. Our litmus test is, is it gear that I’d put my family and friends into harm’s way? The answer is ‘Yes!’. Hopefully this article sheds some light on why.

      – Steve, U.S. Elite