I Need This For The Rumpus Room


11 Responses to “I Need This For The Rumpus Room”

  1. chuck says:

    Does it come with the safety off?

  2. BravoMike says:

    That’s awesome. What’s it made out of?

  3. Matthew Kime says:

    That would totally inject more rumpus into ones life.

  4. Matt says:

    I bet the folks that would put that up are anti 2a. It makes them look cool though.

  5. Daniel says:

    3D printed or wire?

  6. Disco says:

    Make it a ‘Nam era M16A1 and you’re on

  7. Greg says:

    This was made by the artist Frank Plant, it’s flocked steel wire. He’s done a couple other AK47 related pieces, a pistol as well, and a lot of non-gun related art.

  8. patrulje says:

    That would have gone great in the old cocktail bar we had here in Austin called Molotov.

    • Brandon says:

      That is one fantastic name for a bar. Do all the drinks burn holes in your stomach?

  9. Russ says:

    What exactly is a Rumpus anyway???
    This is cool looking, Light it up with LED or Neon at the barrel end to look like a flash. I can just see some guy putting that up in his window for Christmas decoration HA. No worse than the leg in Christmas Story