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CZ – 4 Way Universal Load-Carrying Equipment


CZ or Ceska zbrojovka is best known for their weapons manufacturing arm, however they also manufacture other products, including tactical armor systems. One of the most unique features of these armor systems is the U.4.W. or 4 Way Universal Load-Carrying Equipment system. It’s a MOLLE/PALS compatible mounting system which consists of a weave of webbing which allows for users to mount pouches and other gear in either a horizontal or vertical configuration, depending on preference and/or requirement.

4 Way Universal


8 Responses to “CZ – 4 Way Universal Load-Carrying Equipment”

  1. contractor says:

    Still waiting for this “armor every inch of the body” fad to die down.

    • Bobby Davro says:

      The days of cover every inch body armor won’t die until public and political pressure on the military to protect its soldiers dies down its a fact that the less experienced/see body armour coverage as the be all and end all of protection, they don’t think about mobility in itself as protection, which is why the current belt attached to the vest fad is yet again reducing dexterity, mobility and robustness of amour systems

  2. BS says:

    Might be wrong but the design of this vest is another mod of TBV from ALP Army (around 2009-2010) which was later modified by anotehr company and now is made by 4M and sold by CZ.

  3. Danny says:

    It’s overly complicated an heavy BS, both the vest and the modular system. And yes, it’s renamed TBV. I dread the day, when it comes to our unit.

  4. Matt says:

    Looks like a duck.

    Until the nanotech fabrics becomes a little more common and affordable, I will only be running chest plates. However, when the fabric comes out that is reasonable, I will be wearing that.

  5. STEPAN1983 says:

    All attempts to make vertical+horizontal PALS are complete failure – it is always deformed, and tight, and ucomfortable to mount. It is because of PALS geometry.

    Here you can see that for standart vertical attachment the loops are too narrow, and some clips wouldn’t work, also for wide pouches hprizontal mistake will grow. For horizontal attachment the same problems + webbing is too narrow – not reliable and the pouches are not properly fixed.