Kinetic Development Group Shipping New Universal Offset Mount For MLOK

Kinetic Development Group - MLOK

Kinetic Development Group shipping New Universal Offset Mount for MLOK

UOS #1

A few months ago Kinetic Development Group debuted their unique patent pending quick-detach system “Kinect” here on Soldier Systems for the popular Magpul M-LOK system. Using two spring-loaded, self-adjusting wedges, Kinect inserts into the MLOK slot of a forearm. Pressing the mount into the MLOK slot, Kinect uses automatic triggers that securely lock your accessory into the rail with a “click” and without tools. The only thing faster is how the accessory removes, which can be quickly accomplished with one hand and no tools. The new system has caught the interest of many shooters embracing Magpul’s M-LOK system, which currently has over one hundred manufacturers creating compatible accessories and forearms. With M-LOK’s popularity growing and becoming more widespread, KDG continues to create new mounting solutions to match demand. Given MLOK’s growing popularity, even the US military is looking at the MLOK technology to replace the aged, cheese grater style picatinny quad rail.

UOS #2

The new Universal Offset Mount is a small, lightweight billet aluminum mount that also uses the patent pending Kinect and MLOK technology. The mount features three slots of Picatinny rail set at a 45° offset from it’s mounting base and will accommodate nearly every popular weapon light currently on the market. It also features a recessed Surefire mount footprint allowing the attachment of a scout light directly to the mount with two screws. The Universal Offset Mount is compatible with any rail-grabber mount for Picatinny rails. Some examples of compatible light accessories are Streamlight, Surefire, and Inforce. The rail will also accept 1” scope rings for Picatinny or Weaver, for those that prefer to use a simple handheld flashlight as a weapon mounted light. The Kinect Universal Offset mount is designed to fit all M-LOK forearms built to Magpul’s required specifications.

This may seem like a small improvement to your carbine, but the ability to configure your carbine in seconds, swap accessories between multiple carbines, or use your weapon light handheld, then transition back to a dedicated weapon light is a capability that did not exist prior to Kinect or MLOK.

The Universal Offset Mount can be used for a variety of alternative applications as well, such as mounting a mini red dot optic. The Universal Offset Mount is shipping to authorized Kinetic Development Group dealers, and alternatively is available on the KDG website now!

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