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New Scarging Handle Colors from Kinetic Development Group

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

KDG has improved their popular FNH SCAR Charging Handle, The “Scarging handle” and are now offering it in both Flat Dark Earth and matte Black Cerakote. The product is constructed of low carbon 1080 steel, heat treated and finished with a durable black, mil-spec finish before having the rugged Cerakote finish applied. KDG Scarging handle fits both 5.56 and 7.62 NATO versions of the SCAR, and installs in seconds.The design features a radius-faced grasping area, and swept geometry. This allows the user to achieve a more solid grasp when manipulating the bolt, aided by a deeply textured surface. Installation allows for easier charging, clearing of stoppages, and administratively locking the firearm bolt to the rear by allowing the shooter to gain more leverage on the charging handle. Shooters can choose between left or right side installation to match their hand dominance, and can rotate the Scarging handle to either downward or upward sweep. The downward sweep protects the hand from busted knuckles caused by optics mounts and other accessories by keeping it down and away from the weapon’s top. The increased grasping surface benefits those with larger hands or when wearing gloves.  The Scarging handle can alternatively be installed with the curve upward, which provides the user a slick side receiver to prevent snagging or “SCAR Thumb” (i.e. having the reciprocating charging handle strike your hand if using a magwell hold or unconventional shooting position). All Scarging Handles are constructed of low carbon 1080 steel, heat treated and finished with a durable black, mil-spec finish. The accessory protrudes less distance from the receiver than the factory unit, and is profiled to be extremely snag-resistant when wearing body armor or other gear. KDG is currently offering free shipping on all their products.

FDE: kineticdg.com/product/scarging-handle-scar-ambi-charging-handle-fde-cerakote

BLACK: kineticdg.com/product/scarging-handle

Kinetic Development Group Launches New RMR Sidelok Mounts

Friday, January 19th, 2018


KDG continues to build their proven lineup of Sidelok mounts, with two new offerings for the popular Trijicon RMR, and other similar miniature red dot sights using the same footprint for mounting. The new mounts offer the same 100% return to zero capability of the other mounts, with tool-less mounting and instant self locking via the patented Sidelok system. To learn more about the RMR and other KDG Sidelok mounts, check out their website our stop by booth #3166 at SHOT SHOW next week.

RMR Absolute Cowitness Sidelok Mount

The KDG RMR Sidelok mount allows for the popular Trijicon RMR optic, and other brands that share the same mounting base to benefit from KDG Sidelok Technology! The lightweight, 3.4 oz mount pairs with all models of RMR to carry an overall weight of 4.4 oz assembled. Made from high strength 6061 aluminum, the Sidelok mount allows for instant attachment or detachment of the optic to the firearm. This is facilitated with no tools or adjustments, can be accomplished with one hand even while wearing gloves, and with 100% repeatable return to zero! The RMR Sidelok is perfect for lightweight firearms and those that swap optics out for different shooting environments.

MSRP: 139.00

RMR Low Profile Sidelok Mount

The KDG RMR Low Profile Sidelok mount allows for the popular Trijicon RMR optic, and other brands that share the same mounting base to benefit from KDG Sidelok Technology! The lightweight, 2.4 oz mount pairs with all models of RMR to carry an overall weight of 3.4 oz assembled. Made from high strength billet 6061 aluminum, the Sidelok mount allows for instant attachment or detachment of the optic to the firearm. This is facilitated with no tools or adjustments, can be accomplished with one hand even while wearing gloves, and with 100% repeatable return to zero! The RMR Low Profile Sidelok mount is perfect for lightweight firearms and those that swap optics out for different shooting environments. This mount does not offer co-witness with any AR-15 style iron sights, but will provide a lower profile setup for those using the mount on shotguns, AK-47s, submachine guns, belt-fed weapon systems, etc.

MSRP: 109.00

KDG Cobra Collar

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

If every dog has his day, make sure yours looks his best with the new KDG Cobra Collar. The name is pretty simple, and so is the design. These dog collars are sewn in America by a Major DOD contractor, and look the part. The Nylon webbing in soft and pliable for your pooch’s comfort, but rigid enough to keep it’s form. The one-size-fits-maligators design is intended for most medium and large breeds, so if you are the proud owner of a teacup Chihuahua, you are out of luck. It will however, fit most adult Labs, Shepherds and Belgian Malinois.

The collar is sewn with MilSpec webbing, thread and loop velcro, and attaches quickly with a 2″ Cobra buckle with integral swing-out leash loop.

Made in America
Milspec webbing, thread and hardware
5.8 oz
2″ wide
22.5″ OAL
Min 17″ inner circumference (smallest)
Max 21″ inner circumference (largest)
14.5″ loop velcro for patches, strobes, etc.
MSRP of $54.99

The collar is offered in three colors, Black, FDE, and Multicam. If you have a man-sized dog, check out the KDG website to get your favorite fur missile a new collar.


The KDG Optics Hub 

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

ZU7Z0369 copy

The KDG Optics Hub is a lightweight, high strength modular housing for your favorite spotting scope. Unlike other products on the market, the Optics Hub works with a wide array of different spotting scopes from various manufacturers. The Optics Hub is designed to allow the user to select their choice of spotting scope, easily mount it into the Hub, and slave other accessories to the outside of the unit. Laser range finders, mini-red dot sights, and laser target designator can be co-aligned to match the center focal point of an etched reticle. This allows the spotter to acquire a target faster, properly identify it, and start collecting data all in one fluid motion. Additionally, this can be accomplished without drastically breaking your field of view, or looking away from the Optics Hub for other accessories. With (22) individual M-LOK slots, and (14) 1/4″-20 standard camera-sized threaded inserts, the Optics HUB can be set up in unlimited configurations. A spotting scope can be easily set up with a red dot sight to get on target quickly, immediately range the target after PID, and read wind and ballistic corrections off weather meters, smart phones or PDAs attached to the sides of the unit. When it is time to move, the entire Optics Hub can be quickly placed into a pack after being detached from a tripod. The underside of the Optics Hub offers additional mounting points for both different sized camera shoes, and for fine tuning the placement of the spotting scope in the housing. The “cube” style aluminum construction acts as a protective cage to the spotting scope, and as a flat surface for stability when used independently from a tripod. The Optics Hub also features two quick detach (QD) swivel sockets, akin to those found on rifle hand-guards. These sockets allow for more tethering and carriage options. For the military spotter, the Optics Hub works perfectly with the issue Leupold Mk4 12-40x60mm M151 Spotting scope. With or without a fabric cover, the scope can be mounted into the Optics Hub and paired with other issued optical systems. KDG plans to grow the Optics Hub line, with the addition of forward NODS mounting accessories, and rear mounted DSLR camera adapters.

Rugged 6061 Aluminum construction
Milspec Hard Anodized Earth Brown finish
18.8 oz overall weight
Compatible with issued Leupold M151 Spotting scope, with or without fabric cover
Compatible with the majority of popular compact Spotting Scopes in current production
(22) M-LOK slots for accessories
(14) 1/4″-20 Camera style threaded inserts for mounting and accessories
(5) mounting positions for various sized Spotting Scopes
(6) Underbody 1/4″-20 Camera style threaded inserts for Tripod/Monopod mounting
Comes with hardware pack for immediate use
MSRP of $179.99

Learn more at kineticdg.com/product/the-optics-hub.

Rampart Range Day – Kinetic Development Group

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017


Kinetic Development Group demonstrated their Picatinny rail compatible, Sidelok optic mounts which swap out at the click of a button. THey are available for a wide variety of optics including 30mm, 34mm and 1″ tubes.

Caveat Emptor: Kinetic Development Group SIDELOK mount counterfeit alert

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017


KDG has recently become aware of an emerging counterfeit concern, dominantly stemming from EBAY and similar online commerce sites. The counterfeits seem to be focusing on the Kinetic Development Group SIDELOK family of Optic mounts, but KDG is investigating possible forgeries of it’s other product lines as well. The first example to show up is an unlicensed copy of the Aimpoint Micro Lower 1/3 Co-witness mount, with the high likelihood of foreign origin. To make matters more confusing, it was being sold as a MRO mount. SIDELOK has a remarkable reputation for its return to absolute-zero technology, which the knock-off mounts do not replicate. KDG is concerned that it’s patented technology will have SIDELOK’s creditability diminished by the inferior forgeries, and will place the customer at a huge risk, beyond just being defrauded.


The failure of any counterfeit optic mount on a service or personal defense weapon could be catastrophic for the user, and cost human life.


KDG highly encourages all customers to purchase through reputable dealers, and trusted online sources. There are some key differences between the illegal copy and an Actual KDG T-1 Mount, listed below. If a SIDELOK mount, or any other KDG product appears suspect, please contact the company at info@kineticdg.com.

1) Different laser engraving. (no cage code, wrong product number on forgerty.)

2) Apparent mold/machine/tool marks throughout forgery

3) Wrong T-1 footprint. Wrong MRO footprint. Forgery missing interface recoil lug, shorter, squared base, mounting holes in wrong location,

4) Finish appears glossy and textured, as though painted instead of treated with milspec hard anodized finish like authentic KDG mounts.

5) Phillips head top plate screws are used in the counterfeit instead of Allen head screws. Mount may have a mix of screw types.

6) Secondary lock mechanism may not work at all.

7) Inability to hold zero or return to zero if removed.

8) Thinner recoil lug and absence of Ball detent

New 13.5” MREX AR forearm from Kinetic Development Group

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017


KDG is proud to introduce its new 13.5” MREX AR forearm for AR-15 based weapons. The lightweight, ergonomic forearm is based off of their existing MREX AR design, and is a welcomed addition to their product line. The new 13.5” MREX AR forearm is affectionately nicknamed the “Roy Rail”, for all the help that Roy Lin of Weapon Outfitters provided KDG during its development. KDG interacted heavily with their vendor network as well as their core customer base, to determine which hand guard length would be most well received. With many shooters using a 16” or 14.5” barrel length, KDG determined that a 13.5” length forearm to be ideal for both.


The forearm weights in at 12.4 oz, complete with barrel nut and hardware, and is constructed out of the same high strength 6061 aluminum as their SCAR MREX rail. The free float design provides Seven M-Lok slots along the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, with Picatinny rail running the full length of the forearm along the top. There are two additional rows of M-Lok at the 1 and 11 o’clock positions, to facilitate mounting weapon lights as low profile, and snag free as possible. The MREX contour was originally created to feel more like a traditional hand guard to the shooter, similar to the shape of a FAL or G3 forearm. With a flatter bottom then the majority of round tube forearms on the market, the MREX provides a superior profile for shooting off a rest, such as a bag or barricade. It’s ergonomics support a wide range of shooting styles and accessories, regardless if it is left “slick”, or used with vertical grips or handstops. Additionally there are two rotation-limited QD sockets located at the rear of the mil-spec anodized forearm. The 13.5” MREX ships as a complete kit, with shims, barrel nut tool and hardware. To learn more about the MREX AR rail, and other KDG products visit their website.


Kinetic Development Group Announces New Modular Optics Mount

Monday, December 5th, 2016


The new KDG Modular Optic Mount is based off the proven Sidelok family of quick detach optic mounts, and features the same user-friendly, toolless design. KDG set out to design a Sidelok mount for all common, tube-style optics that will offer more user-configurable options than what is currently available from competing QD mounts. The Modular Optic Mount currently comes in three configurations, with ring sizes for 1”, 30mm and 34mm tubes.


The lightweight aluminum mount uses KDG’s Sidelok (pat. pending) cam lock system to attach to all picatinny rails instantly. With zero tools needed to attach the mount, the user simply rocks their optic onto the chosen mounting space, and down onto the rail. Once pressed down, the Modular Optic Mount self-locks, and the optic can be zeroed in the usual fashion. Removal is equally fast, and can be accomplished with one hand even while wearing gloves. The front located release button has a smaller, recessed secondary lock, which must be deliberately pressed in and to the rear to facilitate removal. The Sidelok system makes it virtually impossible to accidentally engage the release, and its cam lock system ensures a secure grasp on various sized (and some out of spec) picatinny rails. This equates to a fast, easy means of removing and attaching optics while retaining an absolute return to zero. 


The mount is offered with a user removable cantilever bar, in which the rings securely mount. This bar runs parallel to the weapon’s bore, and is ideal for all semi and fully automatic carbines, rifles and DM style firearms. KDG plans to release a separate 20 MOA bar in the future, for those that might require the added elevation for particular optic or application. 


The matched front and rear rings are CNC machined, and wire EDM cut to be as precisely concentric as possible. The upper and lower ring remain matched for the duration of its production, and feature witness marks for assembly in the form of recessed dots. This allows the user to match the proper ring to its base, and ensure the mount is as truly aligned as possible. The rings themselves can be adjusted forward or back to the user’s preference, to avoid interference with large front objective bells, turret adjustment knobs, and rear magnification adjustment collars. The rings themselves bolt into a track system to facilitate this adjustment. The same track system allows the user to purchase and install separate rings in the future, should they decide to change to an optic with a larger or smaller diameter tube. This feature will save the shooter or organization money, as the majority of cost is in the base of the unit. 


The Modular Optic Mount is now available to order on Kinetic Development Group’s website, and from authorized dealers. The 1”, 30mm, and 34mm mounts come with all hardware and instructions needed for immediate assembly, and will fit nearly all popular magnified optics currently on the market. With an MSRP of $224.99, the Modular Optic Mount just might be the last mount you ever need to buy. For more information, please check out kineticdg.com.