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New Scarging Handle Colors from Kinetic Development Group

KDG has improved their popular FNH SCAR Charging Handle, The “Scarging handle” and are now offering it in both Flat Dark Earth and matte Black Cerakote. The product is constructed of low carbon 1080 steel, heat treated and finished with a durable black, mil-spec finish before having the rugged Cerakote finish applied. KDG Scarging handle fits both 5.56 and 7.62 NATO versions of the SCAR, and installs in seconds.The design features a radius-faced grasping area, and swept geometry. This allows the user to achieve a more solid grasp when manipulating the bolt, aided by a deeply textured surface. Installation allows for easier charging, clearing of stoppages, and administratively locking the firearm bolt to the rear by allowing the shooter to gain more leverage on the charging handle. Shooters can choose between left or right side installation to match their hand dominance, and can rotate the Scarging handle to either downward or upward sweep. The downward sweep protects the hand from busted knuckles caused by optics mounts and other accessories by keeping it down and away from the weapon’s top. The increased grasping surface benefits those with larger hands or when wearing gloves.  The Scarging handle can alternatively be installed with the curve upward, which provides the user a slick side receiver to prevent snagging or “SCAR Thumb” (i.e. having the reciprocating charging handle strike your hand if using a magwell hold or unconventional shooting position). All Scarging Handles are constructed of low carbon 1080 steel, heat treated and finished with a durable black, mil-spec finish. The accessory protrudes less distance from the receiver than the factory unit, and is profiled to be extremely snag-resistant when wearing body armor or other gear. KDG is currently offering free shipping on all their products.

FDE: kineticdg.com/product/scarging-handle-scar-ambi-charging-handle-fde-cerakote

BLACK: kineticdg.com/product/scarging-handle


4 Responses to “New Scarging Handle Colors from Kinetic Development Group”

  1. Greg says:

    LOL (and a groan). Oh well played on that product name.

  2. Nik says:

    If only the SCAR had a non reciprocating handle

  3. Agent_Orange says:

    Let me know when they FINALLY release their SBR MREX they promised us 3 or 4 SHOT’s ago….