Caveat Emptor: Kinetic Development Group SIDELOK mount counterfeit alert


KDG has recently become aware of an emerging counterfeit concern, dominantly stemming from EBAY and similar online commerce sites. The counterfeits seem to be focusing on the Kinetic Development Group SIDELOK family of Optic mounts, but KDG is investigating possible forgeries of it’s other product lines as well. The first example to show up is an unlicensed copy of the Aimpoint Micro Lower 1/3 Co-witness mount, with the high likelihood of foreign origin. To make matters more confusing, it was being sold as a MRO mount. SIDELOK has a remarkable reputation for its return to absolute-zero technology, which the knock-off mounts do not replicate. KDG is concerned that it’s patented technology will have SIDELOK’s creditability diminished by the inferior forgeries, and will place the customer at a huge risk, beyond just being defrauded.


The failure of any counterfeit optic mount on a service or personal defense weapon could be catastrophic for the user, and cost human life.


KDG highly encourages all customers to purchase through reputable dealers, and trusted online sources. There are some key differences between the illegal copy and an Actual KDG T-1 Mount, listed below. If a SIDELOK mount, or any other KDG product appears suspect, please contact the company at

1) Different laser engraving. (no cage code, wrong product number on forgerty.)

2) Apparent mold/machine/tool marks throughout forgery

3) Wrong T-1 footprint. Wrong MRO footprint. Forgery missing interface recoil lug, shorter, squared base, mounting holes in wrong location,

4) Finish appears glossy and textured, as though painted instead of treated with milspec hard anodized finish like authentic KDG mounts.

5) Phillips head top plate screws are used in the counterfeit instead of Allen head screws. Mount may have a mix of screw types.

6) Secondary lock mechanism may not work at all.

7) Inability to hold zero or return to zero if removed.

8) Thinner recoil lug and absence of Ball detent


3 Responses to “Caveat Emptor: Kinetic Development Group SIDELOK mount counterfeit alert”

  1. burdy says:

    This has been a problem in the past, but it seems lately, its getting much worse. Counterfeits of high end bipods, scope mounts, etc are becoming much more prominent. I don’t necessarily have the answer, but I wish I did.

  2. PPGMD says:

    Unfortunately looking for low quality only works for so long, as some of the counterfeits actually look better than the original.

    I got a knock off X300 for a frame weight project (basically remove the guts and put tungsten inside). The knock off looked better in many respects than all three of my real X300s. In particular the laser engraving was crisp and centered, while the factory X300 had laser engraving that was fuzzy and off center.

    Granted the light part of the knock off sucked compared to a factory X300. Nor were the battery contacts or the switch nearly as robust as a factory X300.

  3. wbk says:

    The Chinese never invented anything but they sure can make a decent looking copy