The KDG Optics Hub 

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The KDG Optics Hub is a lightweight, high strength modular housing for your favorite spotting scope. Unlike other products on the market, the Optics Hub works with a wide array of different spotting scopes from various manufacturers. The Optics Hub is designed to allow the user to select their choice of spotting scope, easily mount it into the Hub, and slave other accessories to the outside of the unit. Laser range finders, mini-red dot sights, and laser target designator can be co-aligned to match the center focal point of an etched reticle. This allows the spotter to acquire a target faster, properly identify it, and start collecting data all in one fluid motion. Additionally, this can be accomplished without drastically breaking your field of view, or looking away from the Optics Hub for other accessories. With (22) individual M-LOK slots, and (14) 1/4″-20 standard camera-sized threaded inserts, the Optics HUB can be set up in unlimited configurations. A spotting scope can be easily set up with a red dot sight to get on target quickly, immediately range the target after PID, and read wind and ballistic corrections off weather meters, smart phones or PDAs attached to the sides of the unit. When it is time to move, the entire Optics Hub can be quickly placed into a pack after being detached from a tripod. The underside of the Optics Hub offers additional mounting points for both different sized camera shoes, and for fine tuning the placement of the spotting scope in the housing. The “cube” style aluminum construction acts as a protective cage to the spotting scope, and as a flat surface for stability when used independently from a tripod. The Optics Hub also features two quick detach (QD) swivel sockets, akin to those found on rifle hand-guards. These sockets allow for more tethering and carriage options. For the military spotter, the Optics Hub works perfectly with the issue Leupold Mk4 12-40x60mm M151 Spotting scope. With or without a fabric cover, the scope can be mounted into the Optics Hub and paired with other issued optical systems. KDG plans to grow the Optics Hub line, with the addition of forward NODS mounting accessories, and rear mounted DSLR camera adapters.

Rugged 6061 Aluminum construction
Milspec Hard Anodized Earth Brown finish
18.8 oz overall weight
Compatible with issued Leupold M151 Spotting scope, with or without fabric cover
Compatible with the majority of popular compact Spotting Scopes in current production
(22) M-LOK slots for accessories
(14) 1/4″-20 Camera style threaded inserts for mounting and accessories
(5) mounting positions for various sized Spotting Scopes
(6) Underbody 1/4″-20 Camera style threaded inserts for Tripod/Monopod mounting
Comes with hardware pack for immediate use
MSRP of $179.99

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8 Responses to “The KDG Optics Hub ”

  1. Dellis says:

    I don’t shoot long range nor am I a sniper, but this cool item makes me wanna!

  2. SShink says:

    Why not add an inch or so to the front end and guard the objective lens from your clumsy buddy or co-worker?

    • jbgleason says:

      That is a really solid question.

      • Nate Murr says:

        If you place an issue Mk4 Leupold M151 into the housing from the opposite direction, the objective sits flush with the housing. The optic can also be turned upside down, and attached to the “top” of the housing so that the ocular lens sits lower than the objective. The user can pretty much use the Optics Hub however they want. I fully expect to see guys do field mods to it (which I absolutely love!), and the design allows for future versions to be easily made. We wanted to make a product that is nearly impossible to use “wrong.” The one design confine we were cautious of was compatibility. We noted that there were zero options on the market for non-leupold spotting scopes, and wanted a solution that worked for most commonly used optics on the market. The KDG Optics Hub solves this, by being compatible with the majority of spotting scopes from Vortex, Nikon, Bushnell, Swarovski, etc. Will It fit the Hubble? Negative. But that wasn’t our goal! I hope this helps, Please email me with any technical questions.

        [email protected]

        • some other joe says:

          What are the collimating options. Before the LRAS, we had to collimate a TAS4 to a MELIOS. Kind of a pain as that mount had the scopes almost two feet apart. Do you recommend anything beyond trying for a parallel beam at what looks like less than 6 inches apart?

          What is the TTP for that? Measure the distance between centerpoints of the objective lenses/emitters and plot crosshairs on graph paper?

  3. Reseremb says:

    Will love to see if this can mount clip-on NV

    • Lt M says:

      “KDG plans to grow the Optics Hub line, with the addition of forward NODS mounting accessories, and rear mounted DSLR camera adapters.”

  4. PLiner says:

    Great price point compared to the other options on the market currently and no compromise on usability/function.

    Hopefully they will also offer PIC rail segments along with other attachment options/accessories as a buyer selectable add on option when ordering.

    Great Job KDG/ Nate