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5.11 Tactical – Apex Pant Infographic

5 11 Tactical Infographic_Final Draft_edits_V.5.2 copy

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5.11 Tactical produced an Infographic on their new Apex Pant. It’s quite a bit larger than the image above, so you’ll have to click it to see whole thing.



31 Responses to “5.11 Tactical – Apex Pant Infographic”

  1. Bill says:

    I would like to see these offered without the side pockets. 5.11 used to make their original pants without the side pockets and those were great. They would be a little more business friendly without the cargo pockets.

    • Jack Griffin says:

      Echoing what most guys that have been in occupations where its the uniform or popular: 5.11’s “covert” products are typically anything but given their in-yo-face logos, loop Velcro and colorways. I typically like the Royal Robbins-esque designs, materials and quality control but the shoot-me-first branding cues are a massive turn-off that has me going with REI-style backpacking Portlandia clothes instead.

      Didn’t hurt when there was a stupid-good company discount code either.

  2. Yeppers says:

    The graphic looks like they’re starting to use Beyond’s design choices. These look a lot like the Brokk pant.

  3. casey j says:

    yeah not much covert about that look. Try beat up carharts and a nasty hoody. If you look like a schlub or a hipster you are anything but a Soldier and less of a target.

    • Bill says:

      I usually wear Dickies.

    • Bill says:

      Second Bill seconds the Carhartts – Appalachian Body Armor and Prom Clothes. Appendix holsters are for citified pussies, we wear overall holsters. We don’t have appendixes anyway, we took them out with Barlow knives while castratin’ hogs.

      Wonder if I could fit plates in…..

      • Bill says:

        Then we got the tactical rubber knee-high muck boots. In our ads you’re vaulting over a stock fence. While carrying a sledge hammer for stunnin’ a beef. I can carry 8 PMags, 4 in each boot.

    • Airborne_fister says:

      The only thing is tho. My gun with my hipster look. I.e. Skinny jeans tight fitting vest and a fedora won’t hold my sig 226. Two extra mag my badge and zip cuffs. But my beat up cargo pant. And a shirt that hides my belt line better. Way better.

  4. Maskirovka says:

    I work in plain clothes and have to look casual but not grubby. Would be nice to have a few carry-friendly features in a genuinely casual looking pant. Been leaning towards Kühl line.

    • "Bob" says:

      Kuhl pants are very good, and they come in quite the range of sizes, thankfully. Not many manufacturers realize that sometimes you get tall guys who don’t have a 38 waist.

    • nothanks says:

      Great styling and look durable but I’ll never touch them: Kuhl is made in China.

  5. Matt says:

    Tactical Dad Pants. Bought by woman every where for their husbands.

  6. Matt says:

    I like the fire hose pants by deluth. They last for ever. But for every day general give me dickies or give me death.

  7. Big Juju says:

    They look a lot like VERTX pants.

  8. Charles says:

    I just got a pair of Topo Design mountain pants. I strongly recommend them.

    Rip-stop. Made in USA. No crazy pockets.

  9. Matt says:

    Is it just me or is the dad doing an Olympic sport in the top right with the balance beam?

    • nukethekook says:

      I’m thinking steeplechase and this is decidedly poor form as he is about to end up knee deep in water. Poor form for “covert”. With that beard and med-husky build, I’d think he’d be better off posing as an east european female sprinter. But….tactical is an attitude and these pants are evidently the apex so who am I to suggest a better COA.

  10. lcpl1066 says:

    I get it. We all love to bash on 5.11. Uniform for overweight auxiliary cops that call themselves gunfighters and operators, right? They would have enlisted if it they weren’t color blind/asthma/history of being a pussy so this velcro ball cap with oakleys on top will have to do, right? These pants look like great range/hiking/UW pants. Carports are great. I ruck in them all the time. They are also heavy cotton. I wouldn’t want to sleep in a pair after crossing a few streams. I’ve never bought anything from 5.11, but might give this pair a shot.

    • lcpl1066 says:


    • SSD says:

      Despite all of the haterade, these are really nice pants. I’m buying a pair once I can find them in stock at a shop.

      • Riceball says:

        I think that in this case the hate is coming from the fact that they’re being advertised as covert, which these pants are anything but. Personally, I have nothing against the look of these pants; I always wear tactical type pants but only for hiking and camping because I not only like the look, but I like the general freedom of movement they offer and the number of pockets to carry stuff that I don’t really need.

  11. Grump says:

    I’m tactical as F**K and don’t care what any of you think about my fashion choices. “Covert” is bullshit for “not sheeple enough.”

  12. IGOR says:

    I wear my Kuhl pants all day when I am playing Call Of Duty: Defcon 5. They don’t have a Teflon finish though so the Chester Cheeto stains can get pretty bad. I can’t really fit all my USBs and Headset in the pockets though because there are no cargos on the sides. I am probably going to get a pair of Apex Pants for when I leave the house someday. If I go to REI and get the Portlandia Backpacker clothes then I am just going to be another sheep in the Covert Uniform with you guys looking like a Gen-Y scoutmaster creep. Alright my mom’s calling the meatloaf is done…