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Pipe Hitters Union Announces 2016 Calendar Featuring World-Class Female Shooters, Veterans And Weapons Enthusiasts

Pipe Hitters Union Announces 2016 Calendar Featuring World-Class Female Shooters, Veterans and Weapons Enthusiasts
Michelle Vicusi, Amanda Furrer and More Round Out the Calendar’s All-Star Lineup


Texas-based lifestyle apparel company Pipe Hitters Union (PHU) may be known for its ultra-masculine aesthetic and roots in the Special Operations community, but it is decidedly not for men only. The outfitter proved as much when it announced the pre-release of its 2016 calendar, which features some of the military and weapons-enthusiast community’s most powerful and best-known female figures.

With backgrounds ranging from combat veterans to an Olympian shooter to survivalists and fitness pros, the women of the PHU 2016 calendar are not the typical “gun bunnies” usually seen modeling weapons and tactical gear. The lineup includes: Michelle Viscusi (U.S. Army vet, owner of Defensive Depot and professional shooter for GLOCK), Amanda Furrer (Olympian—USA Shooting Team), Jacqueline Carrizosa (U.S. Navy Vet, competitive shooter and Motocross racer), Brittany Paus (U.S. Air Force vet and Wishes for Warriors Ops Coordinator), Danielle Harris (avid shooter and owner of Dragon Fire Armory), Giselle Falla (owner of Redback One, fitness professional and Labrada Nutrition spokesmodel), Tawny Lynn (avid shooter and survivalist), Alex Rogers (competitive shooter and fitness professional), Breanne Ryan (avid shooter and spokesmodel), Leah Hill (U.S. Army combat vet and fitness professional), Jill Hensley (avid shooter and brand ambassador), and Rachel B (avid hunter and firearms enthusiast).

We’ve pulled out all the stops and flipped the script on what has come to be the standard tactical female calendar. The PHU 2016 calendar IS NOT chalked full of half-naked gun bunnies that look awkward and out of place who wouldn’t know the difference between a butt stock and muzzle device. In true Pipe Hitter style, we’ve teamed up with Straight 8 Photography to produce a calendar worthy of the Pipe Hitter name and have loaded it with strong, beautiful, badass women from across the industry, said PHU president Lincoln Osiris.

Fans can pre-order the calendar by visiting the PHU website, www.pipehittersunion.com.


17 Responses to “Pipe Hitters Union Announces 2016 Calendar Featuring World-Class Female Shooters, Veterans And Weapons Enthusiasts”

  1. Bill says:

    The Boss would still find a reason to make me take it down.

    If I ever pulled over somebody whose driver’s license read “Lincoln Osiris” it would tun into a long stop until I figured out which Bond villain I had.

  2. Very impressive weapons.

  3. Jon, OPT says:

    Is there a possibility for dealer sales?

  4. Matt says:

    You know. This is a great thing. Give me picture number two all day. But don’t try to make the reason why this is cool about woman that actually shoot. The only reason these woman are on this thing is because they are hot. Simple as that. Now what would be super duper realistic, but wouldn’t sell a thing, is to get the average 5 foot 3 inch 250 pound mother of four with hips the size of Rhode Island and put her in a form fitting Battle Dress and put her up there. That’s the average female shooter. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll buy one of these. But it isn’t because of the resume of these chicks.

    • James Irwin says:

      I’m with you on this one (no pun intended), Matt.

      Also few of them seem to had little overdone on the boob job front post active army service. Not complaining just stating the obvious. 😉

    • paul says:

      lol, 5’3 and 250 might be on the far right edge of the bell curve, but I understand what you’re saying.

      • Stickman says:


        You nailed it. This calendar uses obviously fake backgrounds, so perhaps they shouldn’t be pointing fingers at “fake” shooters.

        People buy these because they like the attractive women, everything else is secondary.

  5. Kurt says:

    Is the girl in the lower left a Klingon ??

  6. Greg says:

    They need to have a little shopping list on the side that tells what the weapon manufacturer is and all the mods on it.

    That being said, I’d like a calendar just focused on the bottom right girl, be still my beating heart!

  7. Haji says:

    “Chock” not “chalk”.

    Its another well done calendar with pretty ladies and guns. I’ll have one in my office.

  8. Newman says:

    Did they get in to Camp William though???………. i think not!!

  9. D.B. says:

    Anyone recognizes name, type or manufacturer of the OD uniform the blonde on the first photo is wearing?

    Any clues or pointers, much appreciated.


  10. Kevin says:

    Check out three of these ladies on our LIVE show last night – go to tacdaddylife.com or search kevin thetacdaddy on youtube