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Bravo Company – MK15 Time Piece

MK15 1

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The MK15 Time Piece is the latest addition to the BCM EDC line, designed to be “…a time piece that was both precision crafted and as rugged as [BCM’s] fleet of carbines.” The MK15 is housed in a 316L Stainless Steel case with a PVD Brushed Black finish. It is water resistant to 200 meters/20 atmospheres, with a 13 Jewel, Gold Plated Swiss Made Chronograph Movement, ratcheted unidirectional bezel, and an anodized red screw-in crown.

The MK15 features a real carbon fiber, enamel coated dial with Tritium illuminated hour markers, as well as Tritium illuminated minute, hour, and second hands. It is protected by Sapphire scratch-resistant Crystal, with two layers of anti-reflective coating applied to the inside of the crystal.

MK15 5

The MK15 is limited to only 2500 units, each time piece laser engraved with a unique serial number. It comes within an injection molded glass fiber-reinforced case, and is shipped with both a Stainless Steel band and Rubber Divers band.

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44 Responses to “Bravo Company – MK15 Time Piece”

  1. Blake says:

    Anyone know what brand knife that is?

      • Russ says:

        The hole is a lot different than the colonel that I have. This is the Robar NP3 coated version I am guessing. I have one of the other models with the round hole in the grip. Think this one looks like it’s much easier to access in a hurry when drawing because can probably get one or two fingers in the grip.

        • Reseremb says:

          In the website’s main page you can find a pic of this updated model, also said by NR crew on their Facebook page

        • Jim D says:

          It’s the next gen, it’s still evolving. I have an older one too but this is the latest version.

  2. Specialist Heintz says:

    I second the request.

  3. Dave says:

    What company is building the watch?

  4. Soup says:

    Knife is from Colonel Blades

  5. AGL Bob says:

    A lot of watch for $600.

  6. CAP says:

    Enough with the Gucci brand name crap. BCM, please keep focused on making no BS, reasonably priced, solid ARs. The last thing we need is a bunch of d-bags bragging about their fancy, limited edition watches.

  7. MaxPower says:

    Looks like a nice watch, but I will stick with my Marathon

    • SSD says:

      Great, thanks for letting us all know. We were all sitting around, wondering what you were going to do.

      • My Lying Eyes says:

        In case it was not clear, as per the rules, unless you have nothing but unmitigated praise for a product or company that you see on the right side of your screen, you will be ridiculed by the author and his sycophants. Oh, and I will stay with my Timex.

        • 404953C says:

          That seems like a ridiculous claim.

          Some of the commenters are not weighing in with facts or experience, they are simply stating a preference. It would be as if we were reading an article on the SIG MCX and someone had the following to offer, “300 Blackout Carbine, huh? That’s great, but I’ll stick with my 357 Magnum.” I would be scratching my head and wondering why they even bothered to share that.

        • How are Dunning and Kruger these days?

  8. Paul BCM says:

    Yes your Timex or G-shock will get the job done, I like those as well. This is totally different if you are a watch enthusiast. I have always liked higher end and cool looking men’s watches, as a personal preference. My cousin shares the same appreciation, and has worked with numerous manufactures throughout the globe since the 70’s – so we worked together to put this project together. From original concept, to specs, to tooling, to prototype, and to a finished product. It has taken several years and is being released now.

    This watch is not intended to be BCM’s new flag ship product. It was a fun project to create a niche offering for our community. We own the tooling so we might offer a different style in the future? But this design is inspired by our black rifle industry. The black finish is PVD black like our Ion Bond PVD finish on our SS410 barrels, the tritium comes on hour markers and hands, the real carbon fiber face is cool, and it comes in a case durable enough for your sidearm.

    This watch wasn’t designed to wear on a SOCOM mission in BDUs or even as daily wear working as a mechanic, I would go G-shock type for that for sure. This was styling that would look good on the days wearing your Service Charlies uniform, a business suit, or maybe cargo pants and a polo.
    So we hope that if you are a gun guy and a watch guy, you like the styling.


    • My Lying Eyes says:

      Amazing, a perfect response to someone making a statement about preferring a marathon. That is why he is makes great products and does great marketing. Instead of snark from the sycophants, a thoughtful response makes the comments much more informative.

      • Bill says:

        I’m a gun guy, and a watch guy. This one may or may not be my cup of meat, but there’s just as much fussin’ and feuding’ in the watch community as there is in the gun/gear world. I have multiple makes of guns, and multiple makes of watches. Some of each are more expensive than some of the others.

        And for anyone who thinks cross branding a watch and a rifle is weird, do not Google what ultra-high end car and watch makers are doing. I don’t know the particulars of this watch, but at that price point it’s roughly the same level as a knife at the $150 to maybe $200 level tops.

    • Jim D says:

      Paul, love your brand, but I think you’d get more traction with an automatic movement. A lot of us watch guys just don’t want a quartz movement… we go right from G-Shock/Suunto to Swiss auto’s.

  9. My Lying Eyes says:

    So you are saying that I have assessed my ability to be greater than it is? In what way? my ability to comment on a blog post? I am sure you are brilliant, but I have found that using fancy turns of phrase that you do not completely understand always gets me in trouble. Just a word of advice. And thanks for making my sycophant pony for me.

    To address the more thought out response – in comments actually what I would expect would be a response like “you will stick with your marathon (or 357), why is that? Do you think your watch is superior to this one? Why is that?” Something constructive. Instead as always happens is someone says something that is not shouting from the rooftops praise, as even the reserved praise of maxpower did not pass muster, and they are immediately jumped on by either the author or his blue named buddies. You can say that is not fair, but I have seen it a lot. This is not my first day reading comments on a blog.

  10. T says:

    If there’s one thing that’s true about the comments on SSD, it’s that people take themselves VERY seriously.

  11. Dev says:

    I don’t know why my comment earlier didn’t post but whatever.

    I’d pay good money for an automatic in that good looking case. If I’m not mistaken it’s still a quartz and it’ll be nice if a decent ETA movement or Valjoux movement was inside.

    I already have a Submariner on nylon straps for EDC and a nice Striking Tenth el Primero for dressy events, and a Protrek for trips to the bush. A nice in between would be ideal.

  12. Diddler says:

    I own a lot of BCM stuff and have for a long time. I am also into watches. This one doesn’t do it for me because I don’t like the trend of bigger, flashier, busier, tacticaler in a lot of watches. That’s just personal opinion about looks so who cares. What I find really undesirable is that it only has 13 jewels which is a small number for a chronograph. Also the lack of disclosure on movement brand is questionable to me. Even makers of watches that are high quality “homages” of other famous watches disclose the movement pedigree.

    I don’t need to wear my FR Cryes because I won’t lose sleep over anyone calling me a moron with no valid points because I don’t like this BCM product.

  13. Dev says:

    COSC certification is really more of a marketing point these days anyways.

    • Diddler says:

      It’s been marketing and status since companies like Casio and Timex started making watches for pennies by comparison to a watch bearing the COSC markings that kept better time.

      That doesn’t mean a watch with 13 jewels is as good as a watch with 17, 21, etc..

      • Dev says:

        I don’t disagree.

        I think you’ve got some pretty good points here and we probably share the same love in nice watches, but (especially from the majority of the comments here regarding Marathon, Casio and Suunto) how many people really know the difference between say a quartz, ebauche or in-house movement? More importantly how many are willing to pay for a good movement?

        That said the case (whoever makes it) is really good looking and I’d be happy to pay an additional 300-400 for an automatic, even if it’s an entry level ETA or Valjoux.

  14. John Y says:

    Love the look of this watch and big BCM fan.

  15. Matt says:

    Everyone is just trying to copy Chris Costa. Ever since that Japan crap with his nice watches and barely legal Kamikuntz the followers have been dying to purchase nice watches and carbon fiber cuff links.

    • BrettW says:

      I sincerely doubt anyone was trying to copy Chris Costa here…

      • SSD says:

        Nice watches pre-date Costa by quite some time.

        • Matt says:

          But nice “tactical time pieces” that are marketed towards today’s “tacticool” individual don’t.

          • Bill says:

            “Military” watches date to WW1 and the Fleiger style is probably as old. There’s a huge community of military watch collectors, and hundreds of new models on the market.

            How many SF guys left Nam and SE Asia without a gold Rolex?

            • Matt says:

              Did those ww1 vets go to press meet and greets sporting the latest trench warfare model with mustard gas green accents? Nah. A watch was a freakin watch. Not what we have now a days with bling hubcaps on people’s wrist. Give me my 40 year old Sub Mariner or give me death.

  16. Shît like this is what eventually bankrupts a company.

  17. Jeff S says:

    Who makes the movement? It looks nice, but a quartz movement for $600?

  18. Grump says:

    Check the time on your phone and give $600 to starving children, you vain, self-absorbed, soul-less, monster. Thank you.

    • Dev says:

      Non sequitur.

      Just because I can afford to drop 10k on a nice watch doesn’t mean I don’t do my bit for charity or make the world a better place. Or unable to afford 600 for a charitable cause.

      Just out of curiosity. Do you live a spartan life in a cave with only the bare necessities needed to sustain human life? Maybe you should give up all your hobbies that you spend money and time on and derive pleasure from and donate to charity instead.

      • Grump says:

        It is only by the accident of chance that you can piss 10k to see what time it is. Do you have a moral obligation to live in a cave? I doubt it. Do you have an obligation not to allow children to starve to death? Yes. How many children can die until you think you’ve done your “bit”? What would your wife, child, parents, or grandparents think? Probably the same thing I do.