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Haley Strategic Partners – TH1RTE3N Glock Sights


HSPs TH1RTE3N Glock sights are hard duty/carry sights which are precision CNC machined from heat treated 416 stainless steel with a black oxide finish. The design of the TH1RTE3N sights are based around how the human eye acquires sight alignment and sight picture under precision or stress sight picture situations, and features a .125 front width sight and .125 rear sight notch. The rear sight also features charging cuts for single hand applications.

Available in Tritium front/rear and Tritium front/murdered out rear. Made in the USA.

Tritium Front/Rear –

Tritium Front/Murdered Out Rear –


17 Responses to “Haley Strategic Partners – TH1RTE3N Glock Sights”

  1. contractor says:

    th15 s1gh75 s0und s0 c001 m4n 🙂

  2. PLiner says:

    Good lord, more mumbo jumbo talk about “How the human eye this and that”. It’s not like we haven’t had sights on weapons and these sights are nothing new or even close to being different/innovative from anything else out there. In fact, just about everyone has their own signature line of sights that look like… GASP, every other sight we’ve seen over the last 200 years of weapons use.

    • xpoqx says:

      It’s nice to see you don’t understand science behind the product, will you complain about the price too?

      • T says:

        To be honest, they aren’t exactly some mind blowing new way of doing things. It’s a pistol sight… With a notch in the back and a post in the front. Wow.

        Cost? For metal sights with Tritium front and back as an option, not really overpriced, at least IMO.

      • PLiner says:

        BINGO, there you have it, THIS ^^^ is the guy that buys into this BS and buys this shit because he thinks its “Science”. Please tell us how hard it was for you to shoot your weapons before this “science” you speak of was revealed to us with these sights? PT Barnum was right.

        If anyone reading this REALLY believes there is something, anything, even remotely scientific about these sights over any of the other sights out there, do the world a favor and don’t reproduce.

        If he would just drop the mumbo jumbo pseudoscience BS and pitch his products for what it is, people, other than the fan boys and the ignorant, might actually take him serious.

  3. Dellis says:

    Interesting concept I think and for the cost I would try them out, I mean if they work its worth it and if they don’t work…well no one to blame but me.

    The downer is, why only Glock??!!I know they are the mainstream gun but come on folks….what about us M&P, SIG and CZ folks?

  4. Ajax says:

    I know this would be impossible to do in a press release, but could HSP do a video detailing how their sight set is superior based on scientific findings, and thus superior to others based on the science provided? I’m a little unclear as to how other sights fall short.

    • Diddler says:

      Well for starters, are your inferior other sights “murdered out?”

      • Bill says:

        I will actually provide the black paint to some OMG or local dealers to matte Krylon the next guy they kill just so I can say “Team, not only was the victim murdered, he was MURDERED OUT.” As opposed to going to the gates of Valhalla all shiny and chrome.

  5. Diddler says:

    I wonder if the brain trust provided the data that led to these sights also provide the data that led him to saying on a video that .300blk was “combat effective at 1000yds just like an AK.”

  6. Joe says:

    Nothing obviously wrong with them but to beat the dead horse the whole Haley pitch is just over the top.

  7. Rob says:

    Dick Hienie should get a royalty on them and Jason Falla’s sights. They are nothing but copies of his.