Happy Birthday Devil Dogs

Thank you for 240 years of unwavering commitment to your nation. The world is truly a better place thanks to the United States Marine Corps.

7 Responses to “Happy Birthday Devil Dogs”

  1. ODG says:

    Blood Makes the grass grow…

  2. Whiskey 1-1 says:

    Semper Fi

  3. Gerard says:

    Two of my Uncle’s were Marines. One at Chosen Resoviour, and the other in Nam.

  4. majrod says:

    Happy Birthday Marine Corps!

  5. Riceball says:

    Happy birthday to all of my brother and sister Devil Dogs! Semper Fi!

  6. Snakeman says:

    Happy Birthday to all Marines.

    My Uncle was a WWII Marine.

    My buddy is a Marine vet, he say’s he can over look my service affiliation, and we can still be friends. Nice guy he is….