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Beyond Clothing – A5 Rough Rider Pant


The A5 Rough Rider Pant is built from the same pattern as Beyond’s A5 Element Pant, and is designed as a Winter-weight mission pant. It is built out of a quick-drying 4-way stretch Tweave Durastretch Softshell Fabric with DWR treatment, and Cordura-reinforced ankles and kneepad pockets. Additionally, the Rough Rider features inner thight vents and six total pockets.



  • Cordura reinforced belt loops & waistband
  • Bar button closure and fly with built-in G-Hook belt adjustment
  • Zippered hand pockets
  • Hook & loop side pockets with added bar-button closure
  • Hook & loop front thigh pockets
  • Drain holes throughout
  • Zippered inner thigh vents for added breathability
  • Cordura reinforced, universal knee pad pocket with back knee hook & loop adjustment
  • Adjustable hook & loop ankle cuffs with zippers and button snaps to fit over boots
  • Cordura reinforced instep
  • DWR treatment sheds light rain and snow
  • Materials

  • Fleece Laminated Tweave Durastretch Softshell with DWR
  • Cordura
  • Benefits

  • Breathable
  • Water-Resistant
  • Wind-Resistant
  • Stretch Construction
  • Quantities of the A5 Rough Rider Pant are limited to under 50 pieces, and these pants will not be reproduced.


    16 Responses to “Beyond Clothing – A5 Rough Rider Pant”

    1. nwjeep says:

      Cue the complaints on price by those who buy their trousers from overseas…

      • Philip says:

        Good looking bit of gear, but I’ve no need for them myself. Are these overruns of a larger contract? I find it odd that Beyond would create such buzz for a one time, 50-piece run of kit.

        If so, the people who these were likely designed with in mind will probably have them issued anyway…

        • Nick C says:

          I think they are trying to follow in the footsteps of Triple Aught. They have done collaborations in the past with other manufactures (like Grey Ghost) and clearly have a similar marketing strategy.

          Seems like there are a lot of companies that have started popping up with “premium” gear aimed at the gear whore market.

          Don’t get me wrong, looks like high quality stuff and I love the fact it’s made here.

          My thought has always been if you don’t like it don’t buy it.

        • Jon, OPT says:

          Most likely over run, the smock special they recently held was confirmed over run.

          • SSD says:

            Sometimes they have excess fabric and will convert it into finished goods in order to free up the capital.

    2. Sean says:

      Muh moneys!

      Not hating though, one day I’ll have the extra cash to buy the good stuff.

    3. Dellis says:

      I own a pair…..if they had my size in this run I would of snatched one up as soon as I got the Email notice a few days ago.

      Great pants and compliment a well rounded outdoor attire for hiking, hunting, etc.

    4. Luke says:

      taped buttons, g-hook belt, tweave and cordura; looks like a winning, long-lived pant.
      just wish they had a picture of the “inner thigh vents,” don’t think I’ve ever seen vents on the inside of the leg like that and I’m curious what they look like.

    5. CAVstrong says:

      What are the knee pads pictured?

    6. Bill says:

      They’ll obviously sell all fifty, but limited edition pants? If I sell my kid on the adoption market to get a pair, for actual use, then decide I really like them and wear them out in a year or couple, I guess I’m just de-pantsed.

      Maybe some of this stuff is for framing, like autographed basketball jerseys.

      • nwjeep says:

        So you never buy anything limited edition for that reason…got it.

        • Riceball says:

          So you’re ok with spending lots of money on something that’s meant to be used because it’s a limited edition? Personally, I’m not a big fan of limited edition items and the price tag that comes with them because, most of the time, they’re not worth it. Typically, limited edition items are just a way for a company to charge more for a minor change to an item that they already sell, but in this case it’s actually something different. However, I have to wonder just how much of premium can they charge since these pants are based on an existing design and the only thing that seems to be different is the material they’re made out of. If, as suggested above, that it’s made from an overrun of fabric they already have I can’t see a justification for a large mark up, limited edition or not since it’s fabric they already have and paid for (not acquiring new materials just for these pants) and it’s made to an existing pattern (no new pattern work involved nor does any machinery need changing). Note that I said a large mark up, a small mark up I can understand if the material costs more than what they normally use but I’d hope that there’s no additional mark up simply because they’re limited editions.

          • Fernando says:

            The market will decide, and if they don’t sell Beyond will have to adjust accordingly. That being said, I don’t understand why people have such a big issue with how other people spend their money. Also, pretty sure these will sell out.

    7. Chuck says:

      These pants are awesome and pretty bombproof. No, they are not for everyone. Don’t want them? Don’t get them. But for anyone complaining about “limited edition” price, you should note the pants they are modeled after are almost twice as much at $555.

    8. Grump says:

      REAL MEN have hiked naked for 200,000 years, and still do! Pants are so metrosexual.