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Juggernaut.Board MFF-T2

Juggernaut Defense and ADI Technologies assembled a team to develp the Navigation Board solution for CTTSO to assist HALO/HAHO jumpers. By bringing together several key trainers and HAHO jumpers from the SOF community, the best ideas from several decades of high altitude-high opening navigation were applied to the design.

The Juggernaut.Board™ MFF-T2 has several key features which enable jumpers to employ the NavBoard under canopy without interfering with the many types of containers and kit loadouts.

By applying the same hinged design as the Juggernaut.Case™ Armor.Mount, the NavBoard is able to be fully folded up or down for aircraft exit and landing. While under canopy the board can be angled into view, enabling the user to manipulate Jumpmaster apps within ATAK and APASS, utilize the red-LED backlit Oceanic Compass, and view the wrist-top GPS mounted to the board.

Also integrated into the board is a CR123 powered heater-element capable of sustaining operation of the device down to -50°C for 30 minutes and a stylus-garage/tether for operating apps on the device with thick cold-weather gloves on.

For additional information, visit shop.juggernautcase.com/JuggernautBoard-Military-Freefall-Toolkit-2-JGMTMFFT201


9 Responses to “Juggernaut.Board MFF-T2”

  1. mike says:

    Another beautiful piece of equipment from Juggernaut to remind me I don’t do anything cool enough to justify this beautiful piece of gear. Looks smartly-designed and well-built on top of being really damned cool.

  2. Matt says:

    I wonder if the manual compass is affected by the computer

  3. Cool Arrow Kicker says:

    Finally, a heated board. No more foot warmers behind the electronics.

  4. Matt says:

    In the pic it has a Fortrex and a tablet. Does the tablet not have Gps capability? Seems like it would. Or is the Fortrex there as a back up? Just wondering.

    The only thing Juggernaut forgot to put on this thing is the cup holder.

  5. PLiner says:

    I guess no one who remembers using the Wilcox HAHO nav board was consulted on this item. Don’t get me wrong, it looks well designed/made and I’m sure its a quality product. So don’t take what I am about to say as a negative or as internet commando conjecture. Instead, take it as real world feedback learned the hard way from doing more HAHO jumps above 18k AGL than most do, and make changes/improvements as needed.

    As someone who has a lot of time with the Wilcox and every other HAHO nav board out there, this is not innovative and its a pain to rig and use after the jump. Oh yeah, the hinge mechanism that holds it at 90 degrees or allows it to fold ALWAYS gets stripped and or becomes loose and will only sit at an angle that is inconvenient to you over time.

    You have to remove pouches/re arrange them to mount something this big, trust me, it’s a pain in the ass. It also means you either spend time de-rigging the electronics off of the board once you land or you leave it with your chute. No one walks around with that size board strapped to them after the infil. Sorry, that sounds good but the reality is that once you walk around with it strapped to you after infil once, you won’t do it again.

    The other issue is the tablet. Try wearing NVGs under canopy with that tablet and it becomes clear that you have to have a tablet/screen that uses IR LEDs as even dimmed down, most LEDs used in tablet and computer screens are still too bright when wearing NVGs.

    Which leads to the heated claim. Again, that sounds great and you can test it in the NATICK cold chamber but when you are on the aircraft and the ramp opens and it’s -50+, the rapid temperature differential from inside to outside on exit freezes everything, even chem lights. Anything with a screen, can also go blank as the liquid used in the LED screen is too cold to produce a screen. Chemical heaters don’t work, not enough O2 at altitude and unless it is insulated and encased in something with insulating properties, anything electronic and or the batteries, simply stops working until you are at a lower altitude and or the temperature increases.

  6. PT6 says:

    This is why ‘Murica will always be the best. Great piece of kit! I imagine we can manage TOT within 30 seconds now.