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Greenbelly Meal 2Go Bars


Greenbelly is a ready-to-eat nutritional bar which provides 1/3 of the daily recommended nutrition. It’s been described as “Soylent meets Clifbar”. Each individual package contains two bars totaling 650 calories, which are 100% natural and gluten free, and provide the six core nutrients: calories, carbs, protein, sodium, fats, and fiber. Greenbelly bars come in three flavors: Cranberry/Almond, Dark Chocolate/Banana, and Peanut/Apricot.


6 Responses to “Greenbelly Meal 2Go Bars”

  1. mike says:


    I will be ordering these first thing when I get home.

  2. Nick says:

    I’ve been looking for something prepackaged like this for ages. I’m definitely buying a case or two.

  3. Jon, OPT says:

    If it performs as advertised it will be perfect trail, patrol, field, range etc. food.

  4. Phargus says:

    The only critique I have on these: there is no real protein to speak of. I assume the protein on the Nutrition Facts is referencing the incomplete protein from the grains like brown rice. Unfortunately, that will not suffice for a human’s protein needs, so I would still pack some complete protein along with these. On the plus side, they seem to be free of many of the most concerning additives on the market though, which is tough to find, and certainly superior to many other products that would be considered their “competition”.

  5. james says:

    I know there is an actual brand of meal replacement powder called Soylent, but who thought that would be a good ideal as a description for marketing? On a product called GREENbelly!? I mean,seriously!? I keep hearing Heston in my head. That said, I have been looking for exactly this product for years.Have to get over the marketing I guess.

  6. Nick says:

    Reminds me less of the clif bars we all like and more of the Soyjoy bars that I received an entire box of after a race because they tasted like moist apple sawdust.

    I’m hopeful though.