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Magpul CORE Flight Gloves – Coming Soon

MAG850-Flight Glove-Char-Fol

Magpul has just announced their soon-to-be-released Magpul CORE Flight Gloves. CORE Flight Gloves are built upon the traditional Nomex flight gloves used by Military aviators since the 1960s, and are made with modern materials, modern fit and finish, and touch screen compatibility.

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  • Durable and soft premium leather palm
  • Constructed with flame and heat-resistant Nomex
  • Three-finger touchscreen capability
  • Gauntlet coverage extends past the wrist
  • Excellent flexibility and dexterity
  • Subdued branding
  • www.magpul.com/products/magpul-core-flight-gloves


    22 Responses to “Magpul CORE Flight Gloves – Coming Soon”

    1. Magpul says:

      Video of the gloves in action…


    2. Seifer says:

      “How to sell flight nomex gloves for 60$” © Magpul

      • Magpul says:

        The Magpul CORE flight gloves use real Nomex fire protection with premium leather and touch screen capability.

        Gloves used in the video were part of our year long test and evaluation program using the gloves in actual flight operations. They also feature custom patterning and stitching designed to outlast conventional flight gloves by a wide margin.

        • Jambo says:

          I don’t mean to be a jerk, but the regular nomex gloves already do work on a touch screen. At least on my Samsung galaxy, they do.

          However, I would wonder if you guys will make a shorter version. On my old gloves, I always would cut them and them down and then sew them at the edge so that they don’t cover up my entire wrist, as that would be too hot. Some would just fold the gloves, but cutting and sewing felt easier in the long run.

          You said these would last longer, which is where you have my attention. I hated the old gloves for the reason that they do not last very long for me.

          • Jeremy says:

            I wish they would put a seam on the cuff. So if you wanted, you could cut it off, and it wouldn’t fray.

            • Bill says:

              Get access to Pro pricing – then watch where you set them or clip them to your gear or something. Maybe even wear then on your hands. Money well spent.

            • Bill says:

              I think there’s a limit to how much cutting you can do before flight gloves cease to be flight gloves. I like the short ones also, but have dealt with a couple contract helo crews who got all nervous and agitated because FINGERTIPS and CUFFS were cut off, and there was NYLON parts to our boots. Apparently telling him to just not crash and it wouldn’t be a big deal was not the most diplomatic way to handle it.

        • straps says:

          *cough* COYOTE *cough*

      • straps says:

        That’s about the going rate for a pair of quality gloves.

        Have you priced OR gloves (stellar gear, but yowza they’re pricey) lately?

        For folks who don’t have access to OR Pro Pricing, this may be a GREAT option…

    3. mike says:

      They will have the most important feature that many customers were missing in $30-50 Nomex flight gloves: The Magpul Logo.

      Digs on uninformed consumers aside, I have faith that Magpul will do as they have always done and bring a no-nonsense good item and a decent price point.

      • Magpul says:

        There are $80+ flight gloves on the market so these are not priced out of line with current offerings. The gloves themselves have very subdued branding but yeas many will buy based on the logo because they know we would not release something that was not well thought out and executed.

    4. In all seriousness we need good gloves in the marketplace – in my experience there are very few quality options available. Aside from the SKD PIG gloves I can’t think of anything else to use -Hopefully these answer the mail

      • Sample size of one but I have had terrible luck with two pairs of PIG gloves and that has turned me off about them entirely.

        • contractor says:

          I use SKD PIGs exclusively while in an overt posture.

          That sucks you had a bad experience. I bought three pairs when they went on sale so I would have a surplus.

    5. I love the thinness, great dexterity of the original flight gloves. Can’t wait and LONG overdue IMHO.

    6. JS says:

      still use the original flyers gloves, love the simplicity of them…….will definitely look at these.

    7. WA says:

      Will these be actual Fire Resistant (FR)?

      I have been working with a customer who’s current FR Glove is now discontinued and they are trying to find a new one… it’s surprising how many Nomex Flight Gloves are NOT FR despite being made from FR materials.

      We have had a heck of a time locating a glove that is FR… they don’t need the touchscreen, but if the Glove is actually FR they will likely buy.

      • Magpul says:

        It is made of US made Nomex brand FR rated material and naturally fire resistant goat skin leather sewn together with FR rated thread.

    8. Bill says:

      Maybe I’m just lucky, but I was alway able to find flight gloves on closeout or surplus or stolen to where they were a cost effective piece of kit that if they got crudded up with meth or MRSA I didn’t feel bad pitching them. I never considered them “heavy duty” for anything other than pressing a trigger or not burning. I’ve got way too many gloves as it is, not that it’s a fetish or anything…..

    9. Chris U'5 says:

      I’m sure the Blackhawk version used to have a seem on the trigger finger so you could cut them without fraying but I picked up a pair recently and they dont anymore 🙁

    10. Jawbone says:

      I just turned in my nomex flight gloves. I got issued a pair of line of fire gloves. they are way nice.