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Magpul CORE Patrol Gloves – Coming Soon

MAG851 PatrolGloves-Charcoal

For the third day in a row, Magpul has announced an upcoming glove to their CORE line of products. The CORE Patrol Gloves feature a one-piece leather palm, nylon stretch fabric on the back, and touchscreen capability.

Patrol Glove_1


  • One-piece palm construction with soft and durable premium leather
  • Corded nylon stretch fabric on back of hand with contour cut design
  • Lightweight cut protection with comfortable neoprene backing
  • Adjustable wrist for a custom, snug fit
  • Thumb and forefinger “Gun Gusset” designed for better durability and comfort when shooting pistol griped firearms
  • Expansion joints on the back of the fingers allow better flexibility in manipulating firearms triggers and controls
  • Three-finger touchscreen capability
  • Excellent comfort, dexterity and protection
  • Subdued branding for better camouflage and concealment
  • CORE Patrol Gloves will be available in Black, Charcoal, and Coyote.



    14 Responses to “Magpul CORE Patrol Gloves – Coming Soon”

    1. Reeky says:

      So its the PIG FDT Glove with Magpul branding on it, gotcha

      • Magpul says:

        The PIG FDT Glove is all synthetic so would be closer in both mission and construction to the Magpul Core Technical glove announced yesterday. The Patrol glove featured here uses a full leather palm, 3 finger touch screen leather tips, full articulation in all fingers (not just trigger finger), underside cuff release and thicker knuckle protection. All this and Magpul Gloves are built on our own custom fit blocks for sizing and patterning.

        • Magpul says:

          Oh I forgot the specialized “Gun Gusset” reinforcement in the thumb/index finger V that blows out of most “sport” gloves when using firearms extensively

      • Tim says:

        I’m glad we’ve gone full circle and Magpul is so established that it’s fashionable to hate on their products before ever seeing them in person.

    2. Mike says:

      Why the two Model 24 Stielhandgranate at 0:33?

    3. bulldog76 says:

      next up fingerless shooting gloves 😉

    4. Roy says:

      Help me out with what I saw on the video. What kind of ammunition was being loaded into the magazine? It was some type of black case ammunition and I’m wondering if anyone can identify it.

    5. Eddie says:

      I was more excited about those modified BDUs than the Gloves. Hot damn those never go out of style.

      • Jian Hong says:

        I like them too, when they aren’t ruined by starch and pressing!

        Seriously if starching was done for looks what pencil pusher in their right mind thinks that button imprints presents a “sharp, crisp, uniform military appearance”!?

    6. Garry Bowman says:

      Gloves are the most important part as they can protect your hands from any injury. Before buying gloves know how much protection they afford you. Pay for quality.