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Magpul CORE Ranch Glove – Coming Soon

MAG854 Ranch Glove-4

Magpul is continuing their announcement of the new CORE line gloves with something a bit different. The CORE Ranch Glove was inspired by Magpul’s new Central Texas location, and a love of functional and traditional things, featuring a modern athletic fit, touchscreen enhancement, and 100% goatskin leather construction.


  • Constructed with soft and durable goatskin for roping, riding, or simply working around the ranch
  • An elasticized wrist gives you an easy on and off glove
  • Conductive thread on the index finger for touchscreen compatibility
  • Subdued branding


    12 Responses to “Magpul CORE Ranch Glove – Coming Soon”

    1. bulldog76 says:

      well i honestly can say didn’t see that one coming

      • Magpul says:

        The ranch gloves came about because the most common glove used around here for everyday work was the traditional thick leather yellow work gloves. These work gloves are tough but they all are crudely made with minimal fitting and therefore were unsuitable to do double duty as a impromptu shooting glove outdoors. With this in mind we took the traditional ranch glove mission combined it with tight patterning of a shooting glove along with 100% premium goatskin. Initially it was a concept we were not going to release but prototypes quickly became a favorite of the testers here and we added it to the line up at the last minute.

    2. Tim K. says:

      Will these be available in black or dark brown colors at some point?

      • Marmatt says:

        I use Nikwax paste or Sno Seal on my all leather Kincos and find that it darkens the leather considerably. I would guess that a paste type waterproofing product would have a similar effect on these.
        I’m excited to give these a try.

    3. Jim Bridger says:

      Very cool. Will be buying when they are available.

    4. The GOAT says:

      Fastrope capable?

      • Jon C. says:

        They’re not any thicker than other high-quality work gloves with a single-ply palm. I think it would get way too hot.

    5. jbgleason says:

      Really missed the chance to make a CHiPs reference in the video. You just need a cop and a motorcycle to have all the old guys buying these.

      • straps says:

        Ugh. CHiPs. Kawasaki Police 1000s. Roller disco.

        And Bonnie. Bonnie was A-OK.

        What? Oh, gloves. Yeah. Cool.

        My trick for cheap shooting gloves that offer a good compromise between protection and tactile feedback is leather pruning gloves. Don’t laugh until you’ve checked ’em out in the garden section…

    6. Charlie Bravo says:

      Yup, I’ll take two. One for upland bird hunting in brush and one to replace my current work gloves. Keep up the quality work Magpul.

    7. Patrick says:

      Where are these gloves (as well as the others in Magpul’s lineup) manufactured?