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VZ Grips – VZ KeyMod Grips

November 24th, 2015


VZ Grips the original innovator (and authority) for custom G10 gun grips is proud to announce its newest artistically crafted product. The VZ KeyMod grips (KMG). The KMG’s are attachable grip panels for your favorite KeyMod platform. They are precision machined in VZ’s very sought after proprietary textures and G10 colors. With innovation and function as their leading edge VZ did not just bring you their best, but partnered up with gun accessory giant Bravo Company USA® to bring even more to the table. All KMG’s feature BCM’s new patent pending Inverted KeyMod screw. Designed by Eric Kincel, BCM’s Director of Product Development and designer of the KeyMod system. BCM’s proprietary nut-less screw is an awesome feature for the KMG’s; it eliminates extra hardware and uses a T15 torx head that is already a standard for many of the VZ grip screws.


“We have been observing the rifle market for some time, and saw that there was a general lack of functional grip panels for the newer rail systems. We decided to design a product that would offer a true solution and when we partnered with BCM to utilize their proprietary KeyMod screw it was a no-brainer. Just another competitive advantage for us and a better product for the shooter.” -John VanZyck (President, VZ Inc.)


KMG’s will be available in 2” and 4” panels, 2 different contours, 3 different textures (Alien, RECON, Tac Diamonds), and numerous color schemes that match their existing handgun line. MSRP starts at $24.75 for the 4” and $22.75 for the 2”.

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5 Responses to “VZ Grips – VZ KeyMod Grips”

  1. Bill says:

    My first thought was badass gimmick, and must have.

  2. JKifer says:

    I have a Noveske NSR panel kit on my BCMKMR that I’ve stippled to my preference. Works and fits amazingly well, especially in conjunction with a B5 gripstop.

  3. G-man says:

    This is awesome!!! The price kind of got me at first, but I did the same thing before buying their 1911 grips. I bought those and haven’t regretted it since. I know what I’m gonna obsess about now till I get them in. 🙂

  4. darrel says:

    Keymod is losing steam… M-Lok would be nice…

  5. Casey says:

    I’m quite happy with my BCM rail covers, but these look like a nice option. Hopefully the attachment screws are recessed enough that the user’s hand won’t come in contact with them (think heat transfer from the handguards).