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FirstEdge Knives – 5050 Fixed Blade Survival Knife


FirstEdge is a newcomer in the knife industry, started by CEO Brett Seber, who has spent 30 years as a senior executive in the knife and tool industry as well as personally having several knife and tool patents. The above knife is the 5050 Fixed Blade Survival Knife. The 5050 Survival Knife was designed and built in partnership with US Special Forces. It features a full tang fixed blade with a length of 5.125″ and a 60-61 HRC, made of ELMAX stainless steel. ELMAX is an extremely durable and wear-resistant steel produced by Bohler-Uddenholm of Sweden. According to once source, a Gunner at NSW was able to cut down a tree using the 5050 Survival Knife without losing any blade sharpness.

Additionally, the 5050 Survival Knife has coarse textured black G-10 handles, a striking pommel, and a lanyard hole. The 5050 Survival Knife also comes with a tri-composite sheath, which is composed of KYDEX with hardened stainless steel liners. These sheaths are designed to be disassembled, be cleaned, and reassembled within minutes, and are designed to withstand harsh conditions, including Arctic conditions.


4 Responses to “FirstEdge Knives – 5050 Fixed Blade Survival Knife”

  1. New Frog says:

    For what its worth, these were issued to us in SQT and beside being heavy as hell they are rock solid. Guys beat the snot out of them when we did training in AK and they held an edge very well and held up to the abuse. if you are looking for a solid fixed blade its a good option. oh yeah, sheath is good to go too.

  2. Thane says:

    Too bad its an ESEE copy…

    • redbeard33 says:

      In that they both have a cutting edge maybe. I have a few ESEE blades. All but one have that crappy black coating over 1095 carbon steel. This knife is black oxide over ELMAX stainless. The ESEE knives have super thick micarta handles, this knife has G10. Not a lot alike, in my mind.

      Looks good.

  3. Craig says:

    I have no criticism.I’m a knife whore- I like it.

    However, I would like to see more companies produce wharncliff blades. I feel there is no better self defense and utilitarian blade shape compromise available,plus it is very easy to sharpen.