Beyond Clothing – Alpha Lochi Jacket

We first mentioned the reversible Beyond Lochi during Warrior West. I was fortunate to try one on during a recent visit to Beyond and it is super comfy. I really like the Navy Blue/Managee Grey colorscheme and the sewn batting style. There’s also a MultiCam/Coyote variant.


The A3 Lochi Jacket is designed for active use in cold environments, and is reversible for low-profile use in urban environments. Polartec Alpha Insulation transfers moisture away from the body to keep you dry and warm, while the DWR treated nylon ripstop shell protects you from wind and rain. Light, highly compressible, breathable, and fast drying, the A3 Lochi Jacket is a low-profile alternative to the A3 Alpha Jacket.



Insulated hood
Left Internal/Right External chest pocket
Hand Pockets
Highly compressible


40D Nylon Ripstop with DWR
Polartec Alpha Insulation – 80g



MSRP is $334.00, but it’s currently marked down to $233.80 during their Cyber Monday Sale.


13 Responses to “Beyond Clothing – Alpha Lochi Jacket”

  1. nwjeep says:

    Definitely a solid jacket

  2. question says:

    Pronounciation? Low-key, low-chee, low-kai?
    Looks nice and well-made like standard Beyond kit: reversible is a neat feature (wild things did a great one a few years back in woodlands except for the F-ing beard-catching, prone-to-failure zipper which WT seems hardwired to providing to its customers) but not too different from run of the mill ltwt puffies available everywhere at that price and lower. This tin man grey appears shiny. Frooty as always a great rep looking cool in the outdoors but man, hiking w/pack in a puffy surrounded by green veg, especially if he just built a fine “cyber monday” tactical BBQ fire…
    Unless I’m missing some features and/or reversible is the big selling point for some customers, pricing is just a bit high, put it under 2hundo and you’re in there.

    • nwjeep says:

      Low-key, just like the character in the Avengers and the Norse god of deception. The sale price is a great deal for what you get. Reversible is great especially if you need to keep a low profile. DWR and Primaloft alpha insulation, not to mention fully made in Seattle. I’ve got a WT softshell and while I thought they were US made too, the tag says made in Jordan. I have yet to see anything from Beyond that doesn’t say made in USA and for me, that is worth the extra $30-40. Just my .02

  3. Rick says:

    What watch cap is that?

    • nwjeep says:

      That’s Beyond’s A5 softshell beanie. Comes in Multicam, Black or Orion Design Group Lupus. Tweave outer for water repellency and fleece lined for warm.

  4. Dev says:

    I would literally give my left nutsack for the opportunity to have this (or other Beyond products) shipped internationally.

  5. EzGoingKev says:

    Does anyone know if it has pit zips?

  6. nwjeep says:

    I don’t think it does. The Alpha insulation is more breathable than other insulation though. It also has DWR treatment on both sides that will allow easy wiping away of any accumulated moisture. My Alpha jacket, the big brother to this, dries stupid quick. I’ve sweated in it, then taken it off and hung it over some branches and within 10-15 minutes, it was good to go again. That was in 25 degree weather too. It stays warm even when wet. Hope that helps!

  7. air2mud says:

    I got my hands on a Lochi. As good as the comments suggest. Let me know if any specific questions.