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Mega Arms – AR-15 Wedge Lock In KeyMod & MATEN MKM New Design


AR-15 Wedge Lock in KeyMod

The AR-15 Wedge Lock in KeyMod is a KeyMod model of the WedgeLock rail which features short 45 degree KeyMod slots at the front. It is made from 7075-T6 extruded aluminum, and is compatible with any MilSpec upper receiver.


Includes handguard and comes with wedge system, titanium barrel nut, and assembly tools.



The MATEN MKM has been updated with the replacement of the KeyMod slots at the 45 degree angle with cutouts, save a small section of KeyMod still at the front of the 45 degree section of the rail. The MATEN MKM is a two-piece design, and has been black hard anodized with a surface hardness of 60 Rockwell. It is compatible only with the Mega Arms MATEN Billet lower.


Includes upper and hand-guard and comes with dust cover door installed, assembly screws, one 9 slot rail, barrel nut & wrench.


3 Responses to “Mega Arms – AR-15 Wedge Lock In KeyMod & MATEN MKM New Design”

  1. J.V. says:

    Is the rail with the wedge system similar to the Hodge Defense AU-MOD 2 rail? Is Mega producing them for Hodge?

  2. Chicken Legs says:

    We CO Designed it…