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L3 Communications EOTech Issuing Refunds For Holographic Weapon Sights

Last month, L-3 Communications was sued by the US Government in Federal Court for fraud regarding performance of their line of EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights. The same day, L-3 settled with the US Government for $25.6 Million. This suit comes on the heels of a USSOCOM Safety Of Use Message for the sights because of Point of Impact shifts in extreme temperatures as well as other performance issues.

Naturally, some consumers have decided to stop using their sights due to concerns raised in the SOUM and ensuing court case. Several EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight owners have contacted EOTEch and requested refunds. So far, EOTech has reportedly been very positive and honored all of the requests.

EOTech is reportedly refunding the purchase price plus $15 Shipping and Handling. If you are interested in returning your sight, we suggest you proceed to www.eotechinc.com/raform.


Once the request is approved, you should receive a message like the one below.

Since I have been asked, I own sights and will not be returning them.  Also, I’d like to thank Larry Vickers for alerting me to this.

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158 Responses to “L3 Communications EOTech Issuing Refunds For Holographic Weapon Sights”

  1. Ghosteryx77 says:

    I wonder if accepting a refund will exclude you from any type of settlement in a class action law suit…hmmmm.

    • Max says:

      I would recommend accepting the refund, as the class action is likely to award pennies on the dollar. Also, you were likely not “personally injured” by this defect, so why do you want to get any more back than your investment?

      • JudoChoppedByTruth says:

        Because he has the same mind frame as an Obama supporter just wants more than he is entitled to.

      • Brad says:

        GREED. It’s the new American way. Everyone thinks their middle name is SUE…..LOL. I had three 10 pound chairs fall off a top shelf in an Academy Sports store and hit me in the face blacking my eye and swelling it shut and I didn’t sue. But, you see people want to sue just for faulty product

        • Angerd Vet says:

          what you people don’t understand is they knew there was a problem with their optics and did nothing. As you were, they tried to cover it up. At the expense of our War Fighters deployed throughout the world. How many of them died as a result of this utter failure? Everyone that has an optic should send it back and stick it to the company for what they did. Their business practices are appalling!

          • foulpet says:

            So people not effected by this are entitled to cash rewards.
            Reparations for everyone.

            • CharlieKing1 says:

              It is not a reparation, it is a refund on a faulty product that was deemed acceptable by the manufacturer. I sent mine in because it was a personally purchased item I used on my duty weapon, now that the ‘cat is out of the bag’, I don’t trust it, and it’s a matter of principle. I will not use a product that a company knew was faulty and continued to claim there was nothing wrong with it. I too wonder how many service members were hurt or killed because of this negligence… principle, not reparation.

          • Another angry vet says:

            Agreeably, the US governement should be sueing EOTech for supplying faulty equipment which very well may have resulted in injury or death to who knows how many service men and women. Especially considering that they have contracts with their suppliers. That doesn’t mean that any tom dick or harry who owns one should also be taking the company to court. If you buy a brand new gun and it ends up being faulty you take it back and get refund. If a company promises a feature that doesn’t deliver and it causes injury or harm in some way, then you have a lawsuit. Taking em to court just because you can is absolutely greed and entitlement.

            • BigI says:

              I paid for this somewhat expensive sight based upon an expected level of performance(i.e., performance as advertised/promised). It has become apparent that their specs were known by them to be untrue and in error yet they continued to sell to the military and civilian market without corrected those defects or correcting their specs. This in my opinion is knowledgeable fraud. I have only had one use on the range of this sight and I liked it. I am disappointed that EOTech has destroyed their reputation in this way. At this point I have not been injured physically by their fraud but an argument can be made that I have been injured economically. I will, however, be satisfied if they return what I paid +shipping in a timely manner. The $15 should cover the shipping but nothing more and not the inconvenience or loss of use of my funds.

          • David F says:

            I seriously doubt anyone died because of using these sights in combat. I would have to see some hard evidence of the defects in these holosights causing any deaths.

            • Robert says:

              I disagree. This entire issue started due to reports from war fighter after action reporting that they suspected fellow war fighters could have or may have died as a direct result of them missing the enemy given the enemy more opportunity to kill them. This issue with these Eotech sights are related to temperature changes. So when people think or hear temperature changes they think weather. Well temperature changes in the weather will create this issue. However consider just how hot a rifle will get during a battle. And sitting ride on top of all that heat is an Eotech HWS.

              I had one and I can tell you that when some friends of mine and I would do some shooting at my farm. After about a 100 rounds or so my groups started to open up from 3* to 9*. I chalked it up to me or my eyes getting tired. But looking back I was not tired. The Eotech sight was drifting. Between the heat from shooting and the heat of the summer sun beating down on the sight was more than enough to drift the sight far from it’s zero.

              Now think about the amount of heat a fire fight will generate in any rifle. If I spend $500+ for a sight it’s to help me hit the target, not help me miss the target.

              • Nick says:

                Those are valid points. I think people are missing a key issue. Depending on your state, there are different consumer fraud laws. I’m retired LE, I purchased this sight because of faith and confidence the company had sold to us and the military.

                Knowingly selling a flawed sight is true greed, NOT holding them responsible. While the amount will vary by state, there are consumer fraud laws that award thousands to customers such as us who are taken advantage of and lied. It ha NOTHING about being “greed”…it’s about holding companies accountable for their actions and to deter other from doing the same.

                Whether you were harmed in combat or not is not the issue. The issue is that this company put us in a situation, unknown at the time, that put us at a disadvantage and increased chance of NOT BEING COMBAT EFFECTIVE!

                The harm is done the second this goes on your rifle believing it will perform as promised. Every person who equipped this this sight on their rifle with mislead information and did so with full trust that they were getting what the company promised, eve though they knew otherwise, is absolutely deserving of any and all fines that are legally enforceable on our behalf.

          • Dr Dave says:

            Sorry been using the EOTech holo sight since they came out and so has my entire tact team with virtually NO issues. Now realize we do not operate in the Sahara Dessert now Alaska but the east coast of these united states at distances of up to maybe 100′ and we have ZERO failures so we are electing to keep our optics rather then returning them. The US Department issued ones will have to be done with in accordance with SOP but our personal units have served us WELL and I expect nothing else moving forward. It is not about conspiracy and sticking it to them etc it is simply a fine product with an issue in certain situations AND instead of saying we will offer you pennies on the dollar like Taurus said they are giving back full retail and remember they only sold it for wholesale they are the big losers here plus the $15 to ship it back which certainly won’t cost more then $6 Priority Mail
            For a bunch of gun loving usually patriotic guys you all sound like gun grabbing Demos and that makes me sick
            Dr D

            • Armyfazer says:

              Gun grabbing demos? Because we bought a product with a certain expectation of quality and were decieved by the manufacturer?
              I too, haven’t seen any issues from my sight. But I will be returning it. The reason that I have this HWS along my Aimpoints and other scopes is that I have 100% confidence in them.
              And just like my carry pistol, if I have any doubt in the equipment, I won’t use it. If there should come the time that I need that sight in a life or death situation, I won’t accept “so far so good, it should still zeroed”.
              And I certainly don’t feel bad for L3. They are a billion dollar company that made a fortune selling a known defective product to the military, LEO, and the civilian market.
              If all of that makes me a gun grabbing Demo, then so be it.

        • Thank you says:

          First off thank you Mr. Kroll for your hard work with Eotech and always helping out us customers. I will be requesting a refund as well. I still believe in the company and look forward to new Eotech products.

          Big Mahalo Mike Kroll!
          Aloha and God Bless,

    • Robert says:

      Amy class action suite will have a payoff of $1.37 by the time they do the math.

    • David F says:

      What else do you feel you deserve above and beyond a full refund? That’s the kind of thinking that had people trying to sue gun manufacturers when someone was shot.

      Take your refund and be happy the company is now doing the right thing.

      Mine would never hold a zero, so I’m returning it. I’m more than satisfied with a refund.

    • Chris says:

      http://www.eotechlawsuit.com, says that if you return your product for a refund you will opt out of any further lawsuit. I did not know about this issue until yesterday when I went to shoot in 25 degree weather in Virginia. I normally use it in sunny San Diego. I had the exact issues that the lawsuit claims. I will be returning mine ASAP.

  2. Haji says:

    Probably, but a class action for what? Unless you die from your sight failing, the end result is likely to be the same…except that you’ll get less after the lawyers are paid.

    • SSD says:

      You are much better off getting a full refund than participating in a class action.

      • Bill says:

        Second that – the typical class action suit results in an award of like 8 bucks if there are a significant number of people involved. They aren’t the winning lottery tickets that lawyers want you to think they are, but the more plaintiffs they have, the more they make.

  3. Larry says:

    Submitted for my 2013 EXPS 2.0 last night. It has went back once for a gas leak right side went very dim. AimPoint Pro will replace it.

    It is a shame because I really liked the reticle. You can pick it up so much faster than the AimPoint. However I want it to work when I need it.

    • I would agree, my eyes have always been drawn to this reticle much quicker than a single dot. Was using EO’s way early on from an early Bushnell Holographic sight.

      After battery drain and a host of other issues I’ve had with the line, I went AP and never looked back. AP T-1’s have been the norm with me for the last several years.

      • Chris says:

        I agree with the reticle comments, I was running a Bushnell Holosight until it died recently and was really happy with the reticle other than the short battery life. I’ve never been impressed with the single dot reticle of the issued aimpoints, but the battery life is amazing.

      • Larry says:

        I have used a Comp M3/Pro/T1. It is slower to get the dot and in bright sun I had to turn it all the way up, but you get used to it pretty quick.

        I actually prefer the 30mm tube of the Pro/M4 over the smaller tube of the T1/T2. I am seriously considering a M4S over the Pro. Easy to find AA batteries over what the Pro uses. Also I think the M4/M4s is as tough as Thor’s Hammer 🙂

  4. Chris says:

    On the return form, it asks for a description of your sight’s failure. If it hasn’t had a catastrophic failure, then would “unacceptable zero shift” suffice to garner a refund?

  5. 2cents says:

    Do you have to include any type of proof of purchase?

  6. ThatBlueFalcon says:

    I love that stock photo up top. So much awesomeness.

  7. Bill says:

    Any idea if this is limited to certain models or years of manufacture? I haven’t been able to decipher from all of the reports if this issue extends across the entire product line, from it’s inception.

  8. Maskirovka says:

    Finally EOTech is actually fixing something.

  9. Jason K. says:

    In the drop down menu, it goes back all the way to 2006 for an RMA request.

  10. CapnTroy says:

    I just submitted mine for a refund and was immediately emailed by L3 asking if I wanted to be added to their consumer email list to receive specials & promotions…

    Oh well, never miss an opportunity for marketing I guess…

  11. Thomas 67 says:

    While mine hasn’t malfunctioned yet – this is an opportunity to send it back now. I can imagine that in the future it might drift or have some other problem in the future. Also, they didn’t specifically mention anything about customers who purchased when EOTech also offered a rebate promotion in the recent past. So …

  12. drew says:

    mine is already in the mail. got those exact letters

  13. Roadblock says:

    Mixed feelings about returning my EOTech. I’ve had a few of these, never had an issue with any of them. I know they leak the gas out and need to go back once in a while for that type of stuff but I’m kinda curious to see what EOTech does long term. They are a multi-billion dollar company, I have to think they will release a new EOTech or “fix” these issues at some point.

    • 2cents says:

      Was a fan but… If you read the DOJ court document it shows that they have been hiding the fact that they have been trying to “fix” the problems since as far back as 2009.

  14. Mike says:

    I wonder how many people are going to find out they’ve had a knock-off eotech and never knew it.

  15. Alex says:

    They going to extend this refund to Canadian customers? Magnifiers count?

  16. Jay says:

    I’ve been using eotech products for over 8 years, living in Michigan I support any company(s) based out of my state. (Also trijicon) only thing you can get a refund is on ANY Halograghic sights, doesn’t matter if you purchased it 10 years ago or yesterday. Eotech just wants to confirm you Actually own one and may ask you; model and Serial number of your sight. I’ve just recently turned in 4 NV capable Eotech models, I’ve dealt with eotechs customer service. TOP Notch customer service in the industry! It was heart breaking for me to see and hear all these negative claims, but once eotech came out and told it was true I had no choice to return all my Halograghic sights. They won’t be issuing funds for G33s because they do exactly what they’re designed for. I’ve had zeroing issues in the past but never thought it was my optic, here in Michigan we experience some dramatic temperature changes throughout the year. Just recently I had zeroed my 553 on my scar17 in Michigan (mid winter) and confirmed zero in TN (warmer climate) and my zero was off. Now everything made sense. I DO NOT want to bash on EOTECH, if you live in a tropical weather state(no dramatic weather drop) throughout the year most likely you won’t experience “thermal shift”. hopefully eotech will redesign their sights and Come back strong.

  17. Bdk NH says:

    2 (512 & XPS 2-2) are on their way back as of yesterday for full refund. EOTECH responded within 12 hours of the request and were quite cordial. 1 Aimpoint Pro and 1 Vortex Viper 1-4 PST/Aero Mount are on their way to replace them.

  18. Md99cobra says:

    I bought my 551 in 2007. I cannot remember what I paid for it. Anyone know what MSRP was on the model 551.

  19. Ricky says:

    Trying to see if I can return my EXPS 2-2 that came with the g33 magnifier (HHS II model). Hopefully they’ll approve my “539.99” that i paid for it so I can keep the g33.

    Will update for others.

    • Ricky says:

      Just so everyone knows, they approved my above request and I get to keep my g33 magnifier.

      They responded in less than 24 hours!!

      • Bigg J says:

        Can you clarify this? I paid $1200 for the set. If I return just the sight and keep the magnifier, what will my refund be?

        • Ricky says:

          He man I just took the current price of the exps 2-2 and added sales tax. So current price is 539.99 and with my state tax it comes out to 577.49. I just sent it in yesterday. And will confirm once I get my refund check.

          • Bigg J says:

            Ok. Can you send me an email when you find out? Thanks. Marsh79@gmail.com

            • Ricky says:

              Don’t expect a reply anytime soon. It’s looking like 4-6 weeks for a return check. But they approved it. All I did was not mention the magnifier at all.

              But if in 4-6 weeks I remember I will definitely email you

              • kennB says:

                I mailed mine out 12-10-15 and am still waiting for the check. No big deal they didn’t flinch on approving the return.

    • Robert says:

      I think if you bought the combo set they will give you what you paid for the set. However I know if you bought them separately they will only refund the money for the HWS. I had both and they would not give me a refund for the G33. But I bought mine separate. But all is not lost. You can replace the HWS with an Aimpoint or many other Red dot sight. The G33 optical center line is 1.506″ without the 7mm spacer. And many red dot sights are on the same optical center line. Or you could do what I did and sell your G33 and start fresh. I sold mine and bought a new ACOG

  20. Omar Ramirez says:

    Does anyone know if they will exchange your eotech for a newer one?

    • Thomas 67 says:

      Are they now manufacturing models that _do_ hold their zero in extreme temps. as they have promised their products would?

      Maybe it would be a good idea to return an older product that you have first, and then buy a new model that has been redesigned to perform as they have claimed, if that’s an option.

    • Robert says:

      The problem is that Eotech does not have a fix for this problem at this time. So whatever HWS they would give you will have the same problem

  21. Ben says:

    What really gets me is that the general public doesn’t seem to know this yet. They are still selling a ton on eBay and at my local range.

    FYI my department, 3000 officers, just pulled Eotechs from service until further notice.

  22. James M says:

    I wonder what they will do with those with FTS 3X MAG used with the Sight? Useless to me after the sight has been returned.

    • thornstein says:

      I asked them that and the email from them said the magnifier is not part of the refund program. There’s nothing they will do on that. I’m in the same boat you are.

  23. Snakeman says:

    I applied for a refund 3 of my 4 EOTech’s. The forth will come as soon as I receive it from the seller. I submitted the request for refund on 12/06/2015, and I received the RMA email today. Shipped the 3 back to them. I requested what I paid for them.
    A 553 bought new in 2008 that was experiencing POI shifting
    A XPS2_RF bought new in 20182 that was starting to delaminate
    A XPS2 bought this August.
    I had receipts for all of the, as well as the original packaging.

  24. Gino S says:

    I sent in my EOTechs all bought in the last 2 years and bought a few of the new Trijicon MROs, this seller has them for $450 when you go to checkout


  25. Chow yun fat says:


    Do you think that Europen people can apply for the refund?

    I have 4 Eotechs…

    • chuck s says:

      These are export controlled. Are you in the US? If so, then I don’t see a problem. If you’re in Europe, you may have issues, but a lot of export controlled items can go to Europe. If you’re in China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. then there will probably be an investigation…

  26. Jeff Barton says:

    My email…jbartfish@gmail.com
    Off hand I don’t have my model num.
    I was wondering if I could get a replacement for mine when you make the necessary changes. Honestly, my use is civilian and to date am still very happy with my sight and would be happy to attest to this, even in a published PR campaign. I have an order pending for a magnifyer as well.
    Should you give me an assurance of an exchange, I’m happy to continue using it and will do so in the future with a written guarantee, this includes the magnifyer. As I stated, my use is not life dependent but to date I can put one in a squirrels eye. It’s mounted on Ruger Mk III Hunter. Please convey thoughts.

  27. Dave says:

    I swore by these things for a long time. I had a Acog issued in the Corps but wanted one I these. I bought one as soon as I could for my personal AR and loved it, then I traded it for the smaller Eotech and lived it for a while until I noticed marks on the glass appeared the looked like little fingers all around the edge of the glass,almost like smears but they don’t wipe off. Never had a problem holding a zero though.

  28. John says:

    Same. Id be happy to keep mine with assurances of future replacement with a redesign. BUT im guessing that probably would have been done by now if possible.

  29. SR says:

    Where the hell did you guys get the picture? From Eotech?

    Fat dude with a beard, fucked up uniform and magazine pouches that aren’t even attached to his LBV properly.

    Looks like the fucking cooks that would show up to our ranges to qualify without plates, mags, or even armor put together completely.

  30. Joe says:

    I bought this 512 back in 2009. I have no idea what I paid at this point. Are they asking for proof of purchase? What are you guys providing to get a refund?

    • Jake says:

      I am wondering the same thing

      • Angerd Vet says:

        they just asked me what I paid for it and where I purchased it. they asked for proof of purchase at first but I told them I purchased it in 2011 and no longer have the receipt. they were fine with that and issued a return authorization.

  31. C says:

    I bought my EXPS3 about a month ago would it be one of the faulty ones? I have put a couple hundred rounds so far and it hast failed yet.

    • 2cents says:

      They way that I understand it they are all faulty because the problem is the result of how they are manufactured.

  32. TDubbs says:

    Someone mentioned on m4c in a thread about the refunds, that they heard L3 is only giving company credit for the ‘refund’.

    Can anyone confirm?

  33. Joel says:

    SOCOM and the rest of the military for that matter has put millions of rounds through these sights without failure. Im pretty sure you all will be fine at you weekend trip to the square bay range.

    • SSD says:

      But there are failures. That’s why DOJ sued them.

    • Robert says:

      Eotech did not lose 25.6 million in the law suit as well as their willingness to give 100% refunds to anyone that asks because these sights work. But by all means, If I were you I would go out and buy a few more.

  34. Brian says:

    Images being circulated on social media show the EOTech “refund” is in actuality a Gift Certificate issued by L3 and redeemable only under the L3 umbrella for a period of one year. Can anyone else confirm/deny the refund?

  35. Rick says:

    I once worked for L3 in TX, there is so much mismanagement, waste and rework it would astonish you !
    I left !

    • Chuck S. says:

      I know many people that work for L-3 as defense contractors. Many took a major pay cut this year. 20-35%. Made me not even apply to them.

  36. Black Willow Outdoors says:

    If you’re looking for the bullseye reticle like the EOtech check out the Meprolight M21. It’s made and battle tested in Isreal by the Israeli military. You can get a bullseye, triangle, X, or a 4.3 dot reticle. They are fiber optic/tritium sights so no batteries are required. I have 2 of these and they’re great sights. I have an EOtech 3x magnifier behind one and a sightmark 3x behind the other.


  37. AtomikBond says:

    Author wrote “Since I have been asked, I own sights and will not be returning them.” Curious to know why. I’m on the fence on this. I really like my EXPS2-0 and haven’t had any problems. However, on principle alone, a company that knowingly puts a defective product in the hands of our military/law enforcement isn’t worth my loyalty.

  38. Kyle says:

    Does anyone know how long they are taking to reply to the emails? All I received back was a an email asking if I wasn’t to sign up for newsletters

  39. Weaver says:

    I got my EOTech 552 second-hand about a year before I went to Iraq. I experienced a couple of unexplained shut-offs, but did not notice any POI shifts.

    I followed the return procedures outlined above, and received a response after only three days – they will refund my purchase price of $450 plus $15 S&H, no questions asked. Which is good, as it was a private purchase, so I have no proof of purchase to show.

    • Kyle says:

      Thank you. This helps my previous question. I had seen anywhere from 12 hours to 3 days for response time. I hope this all works out and eotech puts out a better product. Anything that helps our service men and women in the battlefield, regardless of brand name or cost, has my approval.

  40. Chris says:

    Sent my optic back last week. How long does it take to get refund check?

    • Jay says:

      You might be getting credit for L3 products and not a refund, see above posts. I’m waiting on sending mine in till this is confirmed.

      • SSD says:

        At this point, I’m treating that as a fake. I’m not sure why people do stuff like that. If they put as much effort into their communities as they did into creating mayhem, the world would be a great place.

  41. chuck s says:

    If I’m returning the holographic site, I’ll have no use for the magnifier. Will they take both back?

    • Luis says:

      They approved my refund for the HHS 1 (sight & magnifier set) i purchased. So as long as you bought it together, they should accept it.

      • Luis says:

        See my post below. Take pics and or a video or the contents if you send it back. They claim to have received mine with out the magnifier.

  42. Bigg J says:

    I bought a HHS II with a G33 magnifier in the box set for $1200 after tax. Will they refund all of that? What if I keep the magnifier? I love it.

  43. Jimbo says:

    They approved mine today too. However, I am trying to confirm if the refund will be in a form of a check or store credit for L3 products only before sending it in…

    • Jimbo says:

      I noticed they didn’t even give me an Authorization number. Just an email saying that they approved the refund and to send it back with the email. I emailed them back asking about the form of payment for the refund and haven’t gotten any response back from them yet. I am a little concern about sending it back at this point…

    • John says:

      I and a few of my friends have been asking EOTech customer service that question by email for several days now. They always reply with some comment about something unrelated but do not answer the question. At least 20 emails have been sent with no answer to that question.

      • Jimbo says:

        I sent them 3 emails thus far and still no response back about this. Something doesn’t add up here…

  44. Bigg J says:

    I got my return authorization request this morning. Here’s a thought. What if I send it in, Eotech goes bankrupt and shutters the business, and I never receive anything back?

    Also, has anyone answered the question regarding the set with magnifier on whether we can keep the magnifier?

  45. Cory says:

    Does anyone know if they will need the original plastic case it came in?

    • Luis says:

      They probably don’t, since they’re taking on so many sights, some that are several years old. I sent mine as I received it since I recently purchased it and still had the box and all of its contents.

  46. Luis says:

    For those who are contemplating sending back magnifiers, i suggest you that you have something on your end to show proof. I sent mine back as a set since thats how i bought it (i was approved for a full refund for the sight and the magnifier). Just received a call from one of their guys up there, and he told me that the box was brought to him by one of his employees who stated the magnifier was missing from the set. I told him that’s false, i sent everything back together, and I had no intention of keeping the magnifier. He said that someone probably took off with it, and that he would still honor it. I took out insurance on it for about the price i paid for it through the USPS, and let him know, but he told me not to worry about it. I doubt a postman opened up that box and took out the magnifier. I’m assuming it was one of the employees, and I think he assumed the same, or they were trying to save themselves some refund money, but I have pics and a video showing the contents of the package before i sealed it up and sent it. Cover your ass, and do the same. Either way, i don’t think the shadyness rests solely at the top of their organization, it seems to be rampant throughout. And before y’all ask, no i didn’t ask him about the type of refund we will be getting. Sorry yall, I was kinda pissed off that he was accusing me of not having sent the sight, and I blew a golden opportunity to ask what we all wanna know.

    • Luis says:

      not having sent the *magnifier*

      • Jimbo says:

        I’ve been emailing them a few times asking about what form of refund will I be getting back and they still haven’t email back regarding this question. Kinda odd…

        • Luis says:

          Yeah strange for sure. Something tells me that even if I did ask, he would have avoided answering it. The possibilty of a gift certificate being awarded, instead of a cash refund, has limited the amount of HWSs being returned. So im sure they are using it to their advantage in order to avoid everyone from turning them in all at once.

  47. John says:

    I and a few of my friends have been asking EOTech customer service what form the “refund” would be by email for several days now. They always reply with some comment about something unrelated but do not answer the question. At least 20 emails have been sent with no answer to that question.

    • dustin says:

      same here, I asked if I would receive a confirmation email saying its been checked in and an email that everything has been processed along with how the refund would be distributed and all I got back was a generic message saying “we’re working on processing the refunds”

      • Skyrunner84 says:

        I have asked the same question and got an e-mail the next day. They said they are work into process the REFUNDS as quick as possible. The word refunds was underlined. I would assume that does not mean a worthless EOTech gift certificate. As far as a visa gift card or check, i dont care. My money will either go directly toward another optic or another gun or both. Either way works for me.

        As for EOTech going under…… yes L3 may decide to close EOTech but they are one of the biggest defense contractors. The idea that L3 is going to go out of business by this is just laughable. L3’s name is all over the EOTech and they are backing the refund process so i doubt there will be too many issues.

  48. almonster says:

    Eo-Tech is no longer answering calls or emails at all. I’ve called several times to see what the “FIX” is. Is there a “FIX”?

    Also, is it a check or a VISA gift card they issue?

    The person who posted about L3 closing EoTech down is a real possibility. No one knows how much they allocated for this refund program and if it pushes them over the edge, L3 could shutter it and screw everyone.

    I like my EoTechs. I’ve had 2 go bad over the years but they fixed them fast and FedEx them to me overnight for free. So I can’t complain about support. But the fact that they knew about this and did nothing is unconscionable.

    • Jimbo says:

      I guess I will wait a bit before sending mine in then. Don’t want to ended up with nothing in the end…

    • Robert says:

      I have contacted Eotech many times and they typically answer my email in 20min. I think the longest I waited was 30min.

  49. Oakie says:

    Why would anyone want to sue for something that has not affected you. Ahhhh, the American dream, lets sue everyone and see how wealthy we can become. BS, they screwed up and are now trying to make it right to the consumer, regardless of what they did before. Take the damn refund and go buy something else and get on with your pathetic life.

  50. Maxxx says:

    I would be very hesitant to send L3Com / EoTech my 1,000 to 1200 dollar optic and magnifier without confirmation as to exactly how much and exactly when and exactly what form compensation will be in. An organization that willfully sells a defective misrepresented product to LE and the Military may be capable of a very long delay in issuing a check. I can’t imagine any company refunding full retail 1200 dollars for a product that they sold to dealers for around half of that amount. If something sounds too good to be true it probably is.