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Ops-Core Helmet Saves Turkish Soldier’s Life


14 Responses to “Ops-Core Helmet Saves Turkish Soldier’s Life”

  1. hcn news says:

    Nice article and thanks..

  2. Logan says:

    Don’t know how I feel about this. Obviously, OPS-CORE makes a phenomenal product. but that Turk was probably killing Kurds. ITAR should definitely prohibit sale of advanced PPE to Turkey. I understand they’re a NATO country, but they don’t deserve to be.

    • Joe F says:

      Hopefully he was fighting ISIS or some other radical Islamists.
      If he was fighting Kurds, I wished he’d been wearing a baseball hat. The Kurds have always been a better friend to us than Turkey (and the Turks were letting ISIS flow through their country, and laundering their oil, while preventing Kurds from crossing back to help the people of Kobani).

      • Brian says:

        Kurds have always been better friends? You mean PKK, the one recognized as a terrorist organization by US? You have a very short memory/knowledge base. How about the thousands of dead Turkish soldiers in Korea fighting side by side with US troops?

        You have no clue!

        • Tungsten says:

          What Brian said. Everybody seems to forget what the PKK did all those years.

        • Whataboutisms is a terrible argument man. You sound like the state department.

        • Henrik says:

          “Who today remembers the Armenians?” -Adolf Hitler

        • Joe Flowers says:

          It was the PKK who saved the Yezidis. It’s the PKK and YPG who have been most effective in the fight ISIS while Turkey sat back and did nothing except assist ISIS by letting them have free passage and buying their oil.
          It’s not the Kurds’ fault that someone drew borders that divided their entire culture among Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria–and that all of those countries have mistreated them for 100 years.
          Turkey only got in NATO by being against Russia and having a strategic location–not because they’ve been some great ally. Their record of friendly relations with Tehran, support for Hamas and the Islamic State, undermining the authority of Baghdad, virulence toward Israel, and threats against Cyprus make its membership in NATO questionable at best and duplicitous at worst.

          • Joe Flowers says:

            It’s true I shouldn’t have said “always”–I was mainly referring to the post-Erdogan era of Turkey during the GWOT (not that they were much better in the 80s and 90s).

    • Matt says:

      The United States of America has no TRUE allies in the Middle East other than Israel. People will argue for the Kurds, and the Turks. But the fact is these tribes only care about what we can give them. Where are they when their Islamic brothers kill civilians. Where are they when their Islamic brothers oppress woman? Where are these so called “good” Muslims/Islamics when their Islamic brothers mutilate a females vagina all because it is their “religion?”

      People need to understand that the United States of America is not only a country, but also an ideal, where doing the right thing is what makes you American. People need to understand that Islam is not only a religion, it is just as much a political ideology. A Muslim/Islamic holds no oath higher than their oath to Islam.

      A person would be much better off in forgetting that in the Islamic Middle East that countries borders mean nothing. Islam is the only border.

  3. El Guapo says:

    So back to the helmet…
    Sentinel just looks to be a MICH 2002 w rails and Velcro for more than 2x the price- anything else I’m missing?

    • CPTK says:

      The material. The ballistic material used by Ops-Core for their ballistic helmets is lighter than the material used for the MICH. The Sentry’s ballistic shell is listed at 2.12 lbs, while the MICH 2002 is listed at 2.59 lbs. However, the Sentry is supposed to provide the same amount of surface coverage protection (in terms of surface area) as the standard MICH 2000 (2.73 lbs shell only).

      ~CPT K