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Atlas 46 – Updated 24/7 Comfort-Tuff Knee Pads

Atlas 46 has updated their 24/7 Comfort-Tuff Knee Pads.

– Rugged nonslip on front
– Elastic straps with hook and loop closure
– Impact resistant closed cell foam padding
– Plastic knee cup for added protection
– Removable foam for easy cleaning or addition of more padding
– Angled upper elastic keeps knee cup secured tight, limiting debris collected
– Hand crafted in the USA

Available in Coyote and Black.



7 Responses to “Atlas 46 – Updated 24/7 Comfort-Tuff Knee Pads”

  1. Luke says:

    Looks slick, Atlas continues to impress.

    • Luke says:

      just noticed the daisy chain on the pants for keeping the pads fixed. even more impressed.

      • jwc says:

        The “Daisy Chain” works great. I have been using this system on my work pants for over two plus years. One of the good points is you don’t have to tighten the straps all the way down when you are not doing a lot of kneeling, they stay in place all the time. The Hypalon is very, very abrasion resistant and the new foam we are using is truly outspend, no BS!
        Our new work pants will be on Atlas46.com late this week.

        We have a patent pending on the lacing design.

        • Bobby Davro says:

          Any other manufactures doing integration with these ?? It does though look simple enough for any good tailor to add to any trousers

  2. Casey says:

    These look neat. I’d like to see how they compare to Arc’Teryx Kneecaps.

    • Bobby Davro says:

      I would think that these would be more flexible and the arcteryx would be more puncture resistant and mabye and a bit more comfortable on hard gravel

  3. Henrik says:

    I have added those loop thingies myself for years. Only problem is that it stresses the pants in new ways that can result in ripping.

    But if you design the pant from the start like in this case. I guess it is ok.