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Tango Down – Vickers Tactical Grip Plug/Takedown Tool For Glock


The Vickers Tactical Grip Plug/Takedown Tool or GGT01 is a 300-series stainless steel Glock takedown tool overmolded into a glass-filled nylon handle, which is designed to seat within the grip cavity of the Glock pistol. The tool itself is similar to the Glock factory tool, allowing users constant access to a tool when field stripping and maintenance is required. The GGT01 also has unique shape within the grip, which allows it to function as a ramp and positive index point for rapid magazine insertion. Additionally, the GGT01 seals off the grip cavity, which prevents dirt and debris from entering the trigger control components.

The GGT01 is designed to function with various GEN 3 Glock models, with GEN 4 to soon follow.

Currently available in Black, Glock Tan, and Grey.


17 Responses to “Tango Down – Vickers Tactical Grip Plug/Takedown Tool For Glock”

  1. K says:

    Um so…you need some type of punch to press in the release tab to get it out the grip ??

    So I can use my factory Glock tool to press in the button to release this from the grip so I can use the nifty punch tool to take my Glock apart ?

    sigh…fanboys and their gadgets.

    • Tungsten says:

      You just need to be a man and use your man strength to pull it out.
      No tools needed unless you are one.

    • Lt M says:

      The small size of the detent and the shelf on the back of the plug lead me to agree with Tungsten – if you need the tool, just remove the mag and pull on the plug.

    • It’s designed to be pulled out by hand with enough tension to keep it in place but not require a tool to get it out. The Tangodown crew and I worked quite a while and revised it 5 times to get that right. Thanx for bad mouthing my product before you even had the chance to try it- speaks highly of you as a person and a punk.

  2. Steve Wilson says:

    Hopefully you can come out with one to replace the similar but inferior pin in my M&P. It is plastic and had gotten chewed up and stuck. Fortunately I do not really need it to take down the pistol.
    Looks like a great product, LAV. Keep up the good work.

  3. Mike P says:

    Improvise people. The nose of a 556 round would easily depress that plunger. Let’s be honest, who here can’t cough up a 556 ball round in less than a minute? I got em laying everywhere and always have extras in my vehicles.

    Looks slick Larry, can’t wait to get some.

    Larry, how will the Gen 4 models interface with the removable backstraps?

  4. Bob M says:

    Hi Larry, would the tan grip plug match the Vickers edition dark earth G19/G17?

    I’m thinking tan does not match up with the dark earth, but maybe I’m reading too far into it?

    • Jeff C says:

      Bob M,

      Yes, the GGT01 in tan will match the Glock tan as closely as possible. However, note that Glock has a slight color shift in their production, so your mileage may vary a little.

  5. we be killing em says:

    he must only own gen 1-3

  6. Feral Jundi says:

    Excellent little product.

  7. Grump says:

    Hey, once again I’m left in the cold with my G30! Show me a little love, man!

  8. J says:

    Will this work wth the gen 2 G19 ?
    The pics on the website looks like it is installed on a Gen 2


  9. Sean Catalano says:

    will this work in a glock 27