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Platatac – Krait Pants


Platatac has introduced their new KRAIT pants. Constructed from a hard wearing cotton drill fabric, many of you will like these because they don’t incorporate cargo pockets.  Instead, there’s a low-profile bessom pocket for phones as well as reinforcement for knife and light clips on the hand pockets.

Offered in Grey, Khaki and Olive.



20 Responses to “Platatac – Krait Pants”

  1. Gary says:

    And again…no 36″ size option for taller folk.

    Nice one Platatac…

    • Dellis says:

      Here’s what I have found out about inseam length. In the 5.11 I can’t wear the 32 or 34, being 6’1 cause they ride up when I sit and everyone sees I perhaps did not wear coordinating socks!

      Then in the VERTX and Beyond offerings the 34 is just fine in the inseam….go figure, eh?

      So I would bet that the Platatac 34 inseam would fit us long legged fellas just fine, I reckon.

      • EzGoingKev says:

        From my experience VERTX pants run long. YMMV.

      • Gary says:

        Hi Dellis, I’m 6′.5″. I was issued my MCCUUs combats in X-Long (measured approx 36″) which come in Ny-Co twill. These are the right fit for me.

        When we got deployed in ME we were issued FROG (Frame Resistant version of MCCUUs made predominantly of Rayon) and all I could get was Long inseam as I was told Marine Corp FROGs don’t come in X-long but could be ordered as “special order”. I didn’t want to wait and complicate, so went with Long inseam – the trousers are simply 2″ too short on me and they come out easily.

  2. babola says:

    Exactly my thoughts, Gary.

    36″ inseam or longer, seems so elusive these days with many a mil/tac uniform manufacturer.

    • mike says:

      Perhaps the two of you have a future filling this niche market need?

    • PLATATAC says:

      How tall are you guys? The 32″ inseam fits well for one of our staff members who is 6’2″

      • babola says:

        Not really, sorry. I am 6.4″. It all depends how long your legs are and what is your upper/lower body proportion. I wear US Army size X-Long inseam. That’s about 36″+
        TAD 36″ and Crye Precision X-long also fits me perfectly.

        I can sometimes pull off 34″ but depending on material this can shrink after first wash. This is why I like and prefer NyCo 50/50, it has no (or very minimal) shrinkage.

        • PLATATAC says:


          Our cotton drill is pre shrunk so there should be minimum shrinkage if washing instructions are followed. We also offer this pant with a cargo pocket in MultiCam NYCO called the ADAPT.

          • babola says:

            I don’t need another cargo pants in multicam, thanks. I wear Crye G3, Pata Level 9 in Multucam and FRACUs in MC/OCP.

            What I do need is the pants like the KRAIT, low prifile, understated in tac colors and functional. It appears I will bave to go back to TAD Spartan and/or Helikon UTP, both in 36″ inseam.

      • D.B. says:

        You’d be surprised how many of us are in the 36″ in-seam category. We just don’t normally say that as we’re frustrated with lack of fitting length when it comes to field, combat and tactical trousers out there.

        Sometimes what’s left for us are only Army fatigues in X-Long (35.5″-38.8″).

        For the record I am 6’4″ and anything shorter than 36″ in-seam doesn’t wear right on me.

    • Jeff S says:

      I’m assuming your eligible for ProMotive? The Vertx page in there has 36″ inseam pants…

  3. Erik says:

    Man, I do dig these. I’ll look at them once my Kuhl pants give up the ghost. I’ve been a fan of their stuff; maybe I’ll get a large enough order to justify the shipping.

    • PLATATAC says:


      Our shipping to the states is $22.73 AUD. Australia post calculator estimates it to be $29.70AUD. So its actually quite cheap.

  4. Bradkaf308 says:

    My issue in Canada is duties, they can be a real downer. Unfortunately you can’t help with that. Nice pants/trousers.

  5. Bill says:

    Another 36’er. Even if slightly too long, they can always be shortened, whereas the converse isnt true. Besides. chicks don’t dig seeing socks and pasty white calves.