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Raven Concealment Systems – VanGuard 3 Holster

VanGuard 3

The VanGuard 3 is the latest iteration of Raven Concealment’s line of minimalist IWB holsters. The VanGuard 3, or VG3, is designed to accommodate a weapon light, covering only the light and trigger guard of the weapon. The VG3 is ambidextrous, tuckable, and can be worn anywhere on the waistline excluding the small of the back. Currently, the VG3 is available only for use with the SureFire X300 Ultra A/B weapon lights, and a wide variety of commercially available pistols.



4 Responses to “Raven Concealment Systems – VanGuard 3 Holster”

  1. learner-gr says:

    I have one of those from another company 2-3years now.
    The only downside is the pull-the-dot hardware. It is opening with no force. Must replace it.

    • Daniel says:

      I’ve been told that many people love the VG3 over that due to comfort and the tuck option. I know the VG3 is ambidextrous, too.

  2. Corbin says:

    Does anyone know if this will support the RCS “claw” like the VG2? My gut instinct tells me no.