Arktis M674 Covert Carry Rig

Currently In Use with a Security Service who required Quick And Easy Access to Gear while Seated In Vehicles
Low Profile for wear under clothing
This Rig has special Mil-Spec elastic pouches to hold Three 30 or 20-round 5.56 or 5.45 magazines quietly and securely
Cross-draw Holster for any size Medium/Large Handgun
Holds Two Pistol Magazines
Pouch for Folding Knife
Pouch for Radio or Magazine or Cuffs
Large Internal Pouch for documents, First-Aid or Cuffs
It is fully adjustable, very comfortable, can be worn with or without body armor.
Mesh Backing for Ventilation
NOTE: Due to Design, Magazines and Handgun Do Protrude Some in Front depending Upon Body Size.
Available in Black

Arktis USA currently has them for sale via eBay.


13 Responses to “Arktis M674 Covert Carry Rig”

  1. Luke says:

    Man, I’d just been trying to rig a Blue Force Gear ten-speed as an armpit rig, looks pretty slick.

  2. JKifer says:

    Yup, this is sweet. Anyone try their ranger pants? or wind shield?

    • I own the ranger trousers yes. Or at least a prototype of the current version and I owned a previous iteration. The set I have right now is very slightly different to the one they currently retail since I worked with them on the design they currently sell, but they’re 95% similar overall. Excellent quality of stitching and materials. Slightly heavier and thicker than G3 combats and a bit better suited to temperate climes than arid ones. Certainly pricey too, but the quality is there and for a garment of that complexity made here in the UK, worth the cost to my mind.

      • Arktis US says:

        All products are produced in the UK using European materials. Even with these added expenses, Arktis quality is competitively priced on all levels.

  3. Blake Slamson says:

    I assume it should be fairly discrete under any kind of jacket. Looks effective.

    • Arktis US says:

      The layout was specified by a particular unit for their needs. The objective was access with either hand to all gear while seated in a vehicle and to be discreet. The tradeoff is it does protrude some in the front depending upon body type and shape. Overall, it works well.

  4. Nattydreadbushdoc says:

    If you like this sort of thing then check out Snigel designs out of Sweden. They have some top notch covert carry rigs.

  5. Haji says:

    How is one going to reach pistol mags on the same side the holster is on?

  6. Intel6 says:

    It says it holds 3 magazines but am I the only one that only sees 2? Where is the 3rd one?

  7. Arktis US says:

    Thank you for featuring our M674. We are restocking these as quickly as possible, along with our M673 and M675.