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Treadswift Tactical – Light Weight Assaulters Ghillie

The Light Weight Assaulters Ghillie is a sniper design by Treadswift Tactical which is manufactured by Fighter Design. Quickly donned and doffed, it’s made from a combination of Omega Mesh with laser cut and RF welded Hypalon. This creates attachment points for Jute and other materials. The Hypalon shapes are cut randomly to enhance camouflage.

Available with optional front panel. Offered in MultiCam but other patterns available via special order.

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7 Responses to “Treadswift Tactical – Light Weight Assaulters Ghillie”

  1. Brutal Buddha says:

    Website states this was developed for scout snipers and assaulters but seems field tests would have exposed flaws. I’ve tried and fielded a similar ghillie concept and had several issues. Without a base layer, jute\burlap will turn inside out and get twisted by falling back & forth through gaps. Fresh jute stands out so I’d assume any real world user would ghillie wash it first which would cause strands to tangle and partially turn inside out. Also, big open holes create chances of snagging and hanging up on equipment and environment.

    I dig the overall idea and get where this could be used in stagnant positions, but still have to overcome the stated issues. Also worth mentioning, this base doesn’t provide any sort of attached veg tie downs. This costs twice as much as the comparable and superior Crye assaulter ghillie, so at $315, I think they can include some slick veg ties or at least a bundle of 550 cord…

    • Greg says:

      If it fails in the military sector, they might be on to something here for the fashion market. A sort of sports bra with hooded cape thing.

  2. Dave S says:

    Brutal Buddha, the FDE color webbing provides optimal locations for veg tie downs and is incredibly durable. Think Zodiac boat material.

    • Griffin says:

      It’s Hypalon not webbing and I have to agree with Brutal Buddha its an inferior design at a ridiculous price point for not only materials but the concept as well, tactical concealment offers better designs at less than half the price….

      • WOGod says:

        Griffin. I am not being ironic. Please tell me which those better designs are.

      • Dave S says:


        Please share with us your credentials, that give you credence over the Scout Snipers that invented this product? Because you haven’t most likely put your hands on this product or used this in the field, to speak intelligently on its uses.

  3. Adam Slank says:

    Cool to see this here. My team was involved in this project with Treadswift Tactical, working with their retired and active snipers to prototype and develop the Light Weight Assaulter Ghillie concept. This “LWAG” was made to provide a better lightweight concealment garment than those currently on the market. And while this design has been demonstrated and evaluated by many members of the American sniper community, including valuable feedback from the top three teams of the 2015 International Sniper Competition at Benning, your individual use is what matters. In this case, Fighter Design is happy to provide our same 120 day buy, try, and decide test program for the “LWAG”. If you’re not happy, we’ll buy it back.