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Salomon Announces New ‘Burro’ Colorway For 2016 Salomon Forces Line

Salomon has announced that for 2016 they will be offering the new Burro colorway for the Salomon Forces XA Pro Mid, Quest 4D Forces, and Quest 4D GTX Forces footwear. The Burro colorway is designed as a more versatile, blended earth tone, and to allow wearers to more easily blend into their surroundings. Below, you can see imagery of the three Forces models in the new colorway:

XA Pro Mid

XA Pro 3D Mid Burro

Quest 4D Forces

Quest 4D Forces Burro

Quest 4D GTX Forces

Quest 4D GTX Forces Burro

It’s not Coyote but rather a sligtly darker color.



37 Responses to “Salomon Announces New ‘Burro’ Colorway For 2016 Salomon Forces Line”

  1. Kemp says:

    Great color! Reminds me of knight’s old taupe.

  2. SoloDallas says:

    I agree. I’ve had plenty enough of ‘tan’, FDE and the like; it’s all sand.
    Time for some good ole brown to come forth and rock the place. Brown is teh new black!

  3. BS says:

    These are closer to the brown boots of UK forces.

  4. Bill says:

    Dig it. Outside of a desert/arid area anything as close to the ground as a boot is going to be some shade of that color anyway. I’m just biased because here it’s the middle of mud season.

  5. Chris says:

    So too dark to get away with wearing with the new ACU/Multicams?

    • straps says:

      To dark and too low, unless you’re far enough forward that shiites are not given about such things.

      • babola says:

        My thoughts too. Unless the “burro” shade is actualy a little lighter in real life. They’re also too low for army boot.

  6. Miguel says:

    Yeah well, they need to “burro” their way into some wide sizes & no, sizing up isn’t the solution. Wtf Salomon? The ankle support is incredible, the last is impossibly narrow…. plus I have flippers for feet, lol.

    • Major Smoof says:

      I’m a standard 10.5, but damn if I haven’t tried many different pair in the irrational hope that they’d one day fit. No such luck…which is a shame.

    • Jon, OPT says:

      I wear a wide boot but the Salomon toe box has worked well for me so far, I’m not saying this as a dealer, im.saying this as someone who is testing them now and will walk thousands of miles in them this year. My business has not yet taken any stock in inventory. YMMV.

      • Charles says:

        Man, I am with you on the wides. I will say that their standard last seems wider than most European “wides” in its standard form. For now, stuck in M+ XA Pro’s for my civvy life which I freakin love. I do have a pair of quests but they are pretty tight and didn’t stretch much. The struggle is real!

  7. BAP45 says:

    Reminds me of that RAL color

  8. Norbis says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhh I just bought the tan ones!

  9. Brutal Buddha says:

    Brilliant color and fantastic match between upper materials & sole. This soil-like tone will look great in most any environment. A lil dust cover should make it blend nicely in desert or arid regions too. Great offering!

  10. Dellis says:

    Great looking boot/shoe!

    But “Burro”…? Really? Isn’t that offensive to Mexicans…opps, sorry I meant Hispandix…Hispanics? Or is that term also offensive? Damn, I am Mexican and I have no idea what to be called!

  11. Preston says:

    They need to make these in wide and very wide for those of us who wrecked their feet!!!!

  12. Tackleberry says:

    Approved, now widths please.

  13. d says:

    Is that closed loops instead of hooks on the Quest? Niiiiice.

  14. Roy says:

    Just received an email from US elite showing additional salamon models in the burro color.

  15. hopper says:

    Country of Origin?

    • roy says:

      I have the Quest 4d GTX in both Navajo (tan) as well as in absolute brown (from TacticalDistributors.com). The latter is not part of the Forces line. Each says inside “Made in China.” I doubt those shown above would be any different.

    • SSD says:

      My sample was made in India.

  16. TM says:

    Is there a reason the Forces Quests don’t have quick lace systems like the civilian models? They’re a bitch to put on and take off now.

    • Nick says:

      I’m assuming it’s because the quick laces when they get just loose enough can sometimes jump off of the keepers when in a prolonged run… One reason why I went back to full eyelets on my boots.

    • SSD says:

      You can’t jump with those unless you tape them up. And even then, some units you can’t.

      • TM says:

        Too bad. I ordered a tan pair when they first came out specifically for a deployment and sent them back when it took me 10 minutes to get them on my feet. If you need to go from flip flops to boots ASAP while you’re at the COP this system sucks.

  17. Todd says:

    W I D E widths please.

  18. Tungsten says:

    I feel like a woman wanting to buy a new pair of shoes just because they just happen to come in a other color.