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Angel 7 Industries – Raptor Goggles

The Raptor is a low profile ballistic, tactical goggle with optimized peripheral and vertical viewing area. It incoprates shape-conforming BIORMR foam which creates a seal around the ocular area to prevent the ingress of sand, dust, and wind.


Lens Features:
– Distortion-free, ultra clear optics
– 100% protection against UVA/B/C
– Quick tightening and removable straps
– Lightweight: 25g
– Superior peripheral and vertical viewing
– BIORMR foam seal lined with antimicrobial
fabric prevents ingress of sand, dust, and wind
– High performance anti-fog
-SERAPH Advanced Protective Shield; a coating that is highly resistant to chemicals, scratches, and is super-hydrophobic (water simply beads off), ensuring optimal visual
clarity in wet, rainy conditions

Lens Options:
-Photochromic (Ghost Shield) Greater than 90% clear (VLT) in it’s inactivated state and automatically adapts (tints) to
any lighting condition in less than 10 seconds to 13% VLT
– High Definition
– High Definition Photochromic
– Laser Eye Protection – 820–1064 NM
– LEP Photochromic – 820-1064 NM
– Polarized (POLTAC) — LCD screen compatible polarized lenses
– Tinted
– Clear



5 Responses to “Angel 7 Industries – Raptor Goggles”

  1. Lawrence says:

    I like the concept (similar to SO’s Boogie) as an improvement over the cumbersome ESS/Revision standard issue goggles for US Army folks.

  2. Tungsten says:

    That is one weird website.

  3. Luke says:

    no kidding on the site, not a fan.

    I wanted to like the Smiths but they didn’t quite do it for me, if these guys have a polarized version at a competitive price they could have a winner.

  4. Sergey says:

    Where do they sell these?