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OR – Granite Gear 223 Pack

Granite Gear introduced the 223 Pack at Summer OR as an in house development.  Since then, they’ve gone into production of this American Made Pack for a Japanese distributor.  They’ve also refined the design slightly by taking out some of the extra labor steps and better integrating the back panel into the design.  

Made from 500D Cordura, it’s a 26liter pack that weighs in at 1lbs 13oz.  The 223 also integrates a roll top closure which is a feature I really like.  Hopefully, an American distributor will pick it up as well.



2 Responses to “OR – Granite Gear 223 Pack”

  1. Luke says:

    so a tactical version of the Crown VC/vapor trail? hard to go wrong with that. Just wonder what the belt options are.

  2. Rob Collins says:

    I’ve got a Chief Flatbed pack that I traded my Kifaru X-Ray for. This pack is comparable to Kifaru quality, and had MC webbing before Kifaru offered it. The retail price they show it for is ridonculous though. Unobtanium must be used in the build.

    Also, this pack doesn’t show a belt, on their tactical page, they show a patrol belt, but it’s shown as “Out of Stock”. Apparently also made of Unobtainum.