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EOTech Refund Update

We got an update from a reader on the status of his EOTech refund.  In fact, several readers have received the same email. Many have complained that L-3 Communications has remained mum after they returned their sights so this is a good sign.  He says that he shipped his optic back to EOTech on December 9th.  However, we still have no reports of anyone actually receiving a refund but please notice that the email says “check” which denotes an actual refund and not a gift certificate or store credit as many have claimed online.  


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19 Responses to “EOTech Refund Update”

  1. Patrick says:

    I sent my EOTech 552 from Canada using UPS, and it arrived at EOTech on Jan 6. I received that exact email just this morning.

  2. Good to see some signs of progress. Thanks for the update!

    Wonder what EO Tech will display/announce at SHOT..new products? Revisions?

  3. Jr says:

    Awesome! I sent mine out right after Christmas and got the exact same email today. Glad to see eotech working this through.

  4. Scott says:

    Sent mine in on the 13th of December and got the same email this morning.

  5. Jason says:

    I can also confirm that this email is being received as well. I sent my EOTech back on or around 09 DEC and this morning received the same email. Word for word. Have fun at SHOT!

  6. Andrew says:

    Got the same email today. They must have blasted that out to everyone who sent something back. Hopefully the checks aren’t too far behind.

  7. OMI27 says:

    I got the same email. I am a little skeptical though. It seem to me that Eotech is playing the numbers game, they know with SHOT show next week they can cut down on the number of angry people coming to there booth wanting answers with out really having to do anything. You have to figure more than a few of the people who sent them in will be there( I being one) But thats just what I think.

  8. Minty says:

    Does anyone have any experience of returning eotechs from a agency?
    We have around 100 units that can we no longer risk being reliable when putting people’s lives on the line.
    So far we’ve not heard anything useful from our national distributor.
    I suppose next step is to contact L3 directly.

    • Jeff H says:

      My agency has the same issue. We are asking L3 at SHOT next week. We will post their answer.

  9. manny says:

    i got my refund from brownells no questions asked it actually took about 3 weeks prior the funds to be credited on my card.

  10. Adam says:

    Your product has been received and reviewed by EOTech and your refund is being processed. You will be updated by e-mail in the near future regarding check processing.

    Thank You,


    This is what I got around 5am est

  11. Matt Bram says:

    Here is my 2cents as an information systems engineer. L3 is working the logistics problem and they were not set up to handle this type of problem. We see this type of failure in other industries as well. I am ZERO concerned about not receiving funds back and have not been since the issue was brought to my attention by Larry V on facebook. I cannot imagine what must be going through the minds of our neighbors/fellow citizens at EoTech. They screwed up; and they screwed up bad, to the point that there could be casualties involved. But, they are an American company with American workers. I commend them for their actions and hope that their engineering staff can fix this problem so that they can get back to suppling our military/LE groups with good products. We all fall, it’s how we get back up that counts. Hopefully nobody lost life or limb because of this. Lesson learned (I hope).

  12. Otto Rueger says:

    It’s now been well over a month and half since EOTech confirmed receiving my sight and emailing me that a refund was in process. No check, no update, nothing more. I can’t find anyone that’s actually received a refund. It looks like I’ve been scammed.

  13. Gold Finger says:

    I filled out the on line form for the refund and received an EO-Tech response the next morning. And I filled out the original the night before at about 11:30pm Eastern. Wonder if it’s been automated – ya think? ? ? ?

    BUT it did inspire hope. Hopew I get my money back

  14. Curious says:

    Did anyone receive an RMA number when they requested their refund? I did not but a representative told me to just ship the item with a printout of the email. I sent mine to them on January 22, but haven’t gotten any notifications.

  15. Machine says:

    I see a lot of people received an email stating the following:

    Dear Customer,

    Your refund request has been received and approved.

    But has ANYONE actually received the CHECK?

    • EZmethod says:

      Not sure if any checks have been issued as of yet. Seems like the mass email notification was sent to those who submitted their RMA’s in December and early January. I’ve been religiously following this and other threads and it appears that no refund checks have been issued to date.

      • SSD says:

        Negative ghost rider. We have posted photos of refund checks here on SSD. Sounds like you’re losing your religion.