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Oakley – Daniel Defense Collection


Oakley and Daniel Defense partnered up to produce the Daniel Defense line of Oakley glasses. Each style features an exclusive icon inspired by the barrels Daniel Defense manufactures, along with exclusive DD Cerakote coatings. The collection includes the following models and colorways:


Daniel Defense Gascan – Tornado finish with Black Iridium lenses


Daniel Defense Fuel Cell – Mil Spec+ Finish with Black Iridium lenses


Daniel Defense Fuel Cell – Ultrablend Finish with Black Iridium lenses


Daniel Defense Fuel Cell – Tornado Finish with Black Iridium lenses


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6 Responses to “Oakley – Daniel Defense Collection”

  1. M says:

    Cool color options, for sure.

    would be more excited about these if Oakley had not switched to making their sunglasses in China and still charging the Made in USA price.

    • Gary says:

      Can hardly blame them. Many have followed the same suit and yet kept the pricing the same or even hiked it up following migration to Chinese-based manufacturing. Oakley is still a solid brand with great product.

      I used to swear at RayBan when they did the same, especially after the company sale to Italian Luxotica group.

    • Jian Hong says:

      I wish they also included Holbrooks, Flak Jackets, or other frames instead of only Gas Cans, not a fan of them.

      My Chinese made Flak Jackets have been better quality than the POS American made ones I ordered when I was deployed. The American made ones cracked the left lens, after just a few days of wear. I sent it back and same thing happened again when I got it back. I sent it back again, got a replacement and sold it off. I swore Oakley off for 2 years then decided to give them another chance. The pair I wear daily now doesn’t mention where it was made but no doubt in China. I’ve wore them for 2 years now without issue.

      I’ll pay for quality no matter country of origin. If the BS Chinese import ban is ever lifted and I can buy a Type 56 or Polytech for $1000 I’ll gladly pay for that over a $650 POS American AK.

  2. Matt Hunt says:

    I like the color options, especially that pattern. Are they available without the DD logo? Wouldn’t really want their brand on my Oakleys

  3. Thomas says:

    M, These are made in the US. Have you been to the Oakley HQ in CA? I was there 4 weeks ago and was able to see it in person. 90% of their eyewear is still made here in the states.