S&S Precision Maker Monday – Elastic Load Out System


The ELOS 5.56, is a flexible magazine holder providing maximum magazine retention. The ELOS is manufactured from an injection molded elastomer to provide excellent tear resistance, noise reduction, and the ability to withstand severe impact forces preventing cracking or crushing through a wide range of temperatures and environments. Additional pistol and rifle caliber will be available in the future. (Patents Pending)



· Injection molded elastomer

· Tear, crack, and weather resistant

· Reduces noise

· GRT adaptable

· Modular design allows for multiple configurations

· Stackable design

· Non-Hygroscopic

· Includes drain holes, drain hole plug coming soon

· Weight: 2.91 oz


2 Responses to “S&S Precision Maker Monday – Elastic Load Out System”

  1. RJ says:

    Once they can bring costs down some and make them Private-proof (is there such a thing?), this will be the future. Maybe wrap them in something that cuts visual and other spectrum signatures, or better yet develop an additive to the elastomer that does that and you’re set. Imagine 3D printers at CIF cutting this stuff to order when needed from stocks of raw material, and the ability for BDE level supply units to manufacture this stuff in the field for long term operations.

  2. I’m glad they’ve run at least part of the bungee on the exterior of the pouch. I’ve routinely snagged on pouches that run both ends on the interior.