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SHOT Show – Raven Concealment Systems Freya Magwell

The Freya Magwell takes its DNA from the Sentinel Design Magwell for the GLOCK. There are four versions of this new RCS model, which will fit Gen 3 and 4 version of both the GLOCK 17 and 19.  Make sure you order the right one.  

Unlike other Magwells on the market, it accepts standard magazine base plates and keeps the pistol concealable.  


6 Responses to “SHOT Show – Raven Concealment Systems Freya Magwell”

  1. Louis says:

    Will they accept Vickers base pads??

  2. t1tan says:


  3. Jeremy says:

    April 2016

  4. Jon Meyer says:

    Will this interfere with the Vickers mag plates?

  5. Jim Bridger says:

    Will this work with a gen 4 gun with a back strap attached?