Post SHOT Show Wrapup – Strike Force

During SHOT Show, we ran across Strike Force everywhere.  They asked us if we’d solicit some feedback for them.  

Thanks to BeyondSHOT we were able to hand out thousands of free samples last week. The response was overwhelming and we appreciate the continued the support. 

1) Please enjoy this token of our appreciation: discount code “SHOT2016” 

2) We would love it if you could comment or leave us a review on what liked or didn’t like about Strike Force. 

Thank you!


22 Responses to “Post SHOT Show Wrapup – Strike Force”

  1. Iceman says:

    Favorite SHOT moment was when Matson saw my face after squeezing it into my mouth and said- you know you need to mix that with 20oz of water. I did have some energy after that.

    • MATBOCK_CEO says:

      We knew there was going to be 1. HAHA!

      • Jeremy says:

        I’ve been staring at my stash, contemplating shooting one straight. Haven’t worked up the balls yet.

        Thank you for making a fantastic product. The price point is exactly where I want it, the flavor works, and it’s easy to use.

        Now, make more flavors! My vote is for something citrus.

  2. Luke says:

    me and my gang were mightily impressed, I think the fact that it is a liquid instead of a powder is the biggest single factor in its awesomeness. I just mixed up my last SHOT sample today 🙁
    My buddy got convinced to dump a packet into a shot of Mig fuel at the Beyond party, tasted like candy.

    I see this as being great for things like backcountry hunting. lugging in a can of rockstar is impractical and I don’t do coffee, the price is right too.

  3. Missed you guys at SHOT. Just ordered a couple of boxes with the code. Thanks

  4. Bruce says:

    Any future versions on deck using natural sugar instead of sucralose (splenda)?

    • Luke says:

      I’d be down. guessing it would be hard to do but I’d buy that over the current one in a heartbeat.

      • Bruce Schlee says:

        We’d love to do it, but there’s a problem with the chemistry. Sucrose is about 600 times sweeter than sugar meaning to get the amount of sugar required to make the flavor your back to a can full of water to hold it.

  5. Whitney says:

    I have to get up at 3 am and drive 1.5 hours to work every morning, so I really needed something stronger than coffee. Introducing this outstanding product, the Marines in my office and I call it Frog Juice, and it tastes like Red Bull without the carbonation and it will give you a kick in the ass about 15-30 minutes after drinking it. So, if you need a great pick me up at a fraction of the cost of 2 Red Bulls, then you really need to buy this stuff up. DO NOT Forget to put it in a bottle of water, unless you are THAT hard and just do a shot. Rangers Lead the Way.

  6. Thomas 67 says:

    Darn. The 100 count box looks to be sold out. … I was wondering what he expiration time frame was on this product.

  7. Airborne_fister says:

    I have to say. I’m a student now in the medical field. If you catch my drift. I throw it in a bottle of water. Then, throw said bottle into my scrubs pants or backpack. Just before class/rotations/clincals. And by lunch time it’s empty. Perfect way to go. Then I refil the bottle and just hydrate. By the time everything is done for the day. I haven’t yawned once and I don’t feel a huge crash. Unless my wife or friend give me something with more caffeine. But that usually never happens. I wanna buy the 100 count pack since that will last me 100 days. Since I think it’s 10 in a normal pack. Please correct me if I’m wrong. But best study aid. And the other people I’m with keep asking me why am I so chipper after 2-5 hrs of sleep and not yawning. Newest and best product. Plus I love that you don’t have a bunch of crystals sinking in the bottom and thus you have wasted product. Oh and it doesn’t have a super sweet after taste. Or that bite of say a red bull or monster. In my eyes. Now that this product is on sale going to be getting a huge order from me. Just have to consult HOUSEHOLD 6. I mean convince her.

  8. Jon, OPT says:

    Box full of instant Beavis, what’s not to love?

    • Vince says:

      TP for my bunghole… We’ll give it a whirl. There’s never a lack of need for caffeine.