Post SHOT Show Wrapup – FlexSystems

Like many in the firearms and tactical products industries, we turn to FlexSystems for our SHOT Show giveaway morale patches.  Their products are American made and they bend over backwards to get you your PVC patches on time.  They also make a wide variety of other PVC items such as key rings, tags and stickers.  We just received a sample of another project they accomplished for Primary Weapons Systems.

This clear mat has the image applied to the reverse side so it won’t come off while you are displaying your items.  It came out great and is just another example of the cool things FlexSystems can do to help you promote your business.


One Response to “Post SHOT Show Wrapup – FlexSystems”

  1. Kerbert says:

    I’m sure they hook you up with deals but their PVC patches STINK. They have some awful plastic smell that never wears off. I can always tell who has Flexsystems make their patches because they stink. You get a big whif as soon as you open your package.