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Magpul Core – Feeding The People’s Rifle

Magpul Core’s Duane Liptak has shared a post on their blog discussing several ways to reload the AK along with their pros and cons. Not going to steal Duane’s thunder here so do yourself a favor and go check it out.


7 Responses to “Magpul Core – Feeding The People’s Rifle”

  1. N.D. Tyson says:

    Hmmm…no ND. Boring, moving on.

    • P.J. says:

      I was just about to ask if they also posted thoughts on when to engage the safety and where to keep your finger.

  2. KP says:

    Refreshing to read about an advocate for not the fanciest/flashiest way to reload an AK, but a practical way that works.

    The AK does lend itself towards flashy reloads though.

  3. Blake says:

    Eagerly awaiting ak-74 Magpul mags over here…..

  4. CWG says:

    Very conveniently timed conclusion to the NDgate.

  5. Nice to see dump pouches getting used in a logical manner for a change; rather than being dismissed purely for the illogical ways in which some people use them. Not every situation on an empty mag necessitates dropping the thing.

  6. Stefan S. says:

    – Feeding The People’s Rifle…Not this people.