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Although it’s been around for awhile now, I first saw the TRMR E2 in SERT’s booth when I stopped by to check out the Sentinel Pack.

The TRMR E2 is a reusable diversionary device. What makes it stand out from others is that it has received a determination from the BATFE that on its own, it is NOT a Destructive Device. Available in 12 and 20 gauge, it can be loaded with Nitro Propellant (not explosive nor gunpowder), Magnesium Oxide, or Magnesium.  Not only does this make it safer and easier to store, transport, train and use, but also makes it less expensive to employ since it is reusable.

It’s a two part cylindrical device manufactured from metal components. The main body is available in a number of colors including black, grey and blue. Each unit is engraved with a unique serial number on a flattened surface of the main body. The TRMR E2 design addresses a number of critical shortcomings against currently available items improving in key areas.

This new device helps familiarize operators with diversionary devices and is an effective audible and visual distraction with temporary stun effect.
3-Stage Safety System – The fastest deployable & reloadable inertia device on the market.

3-Stage Safety System – The fastest deployable & reloadable inertia device on the market.

No Pins or Levers to Lose – Incorporating the “Twist to Arm” Safety System which provides up to 50% reduction time on deployment.

Inertia Recoil Firing System – Allows for successful discharge of munitions.

In the UK there are four loads available for the TRMRs and ALL have been tested and classified as 1.4S (regular ammo). However these are months out before they will receive determinations from BATF. Loads need to also be determined to be non-destructive which will then make it easier for the procurement, storage and transportation of these by LE.

US loads tested last week have an output of 172db and 1.5 mil candelas @ 7 feet.  These US loads already have non-destructive determinations so no waiting for that. In essence, the 20mm (12GA) TRMRs and these new loads will be made available for sale before the end of March.


19 Responses to “SERT – TRMR E2”

  1. jbgleason says:

    I would sure appreciate it if SSD would make a note to follow this and run a story when it becomes available.

    • EDog says:

      More importantly, will we get all the same pretty colors as the airsoft version? 🙂

      Seriously though, I agree that a follow up article when it’s released would be great. It’s pretty innovative and this is definitely on my watch list. I’d like to know more about the differences between the E1 and the E2. All I can really see is that the E2 is slightly larger, and has the additional safety feature of that extra button needed to arm it.

  2. I’m curious what the price per unit is. This is pretty interesting but since it is an impact initiated device I wonder how well it operates when it hits on the side or bottom instead of the obvious trigger.

    • Hooper says:

      i would be surprised if they are much more than the tmr1 in the uk which are about £70-90

    • BillC says:

      Just a wild guess, could be a cocked-striker all-way acting “fuze”. wouldn’t matter where or how it was hit, just impact.

  3. Helmie Ashiblie says:

    @jbgleason – we’ll provide SS with more info as it comes in. Thanks for taking note of this!

    @EDog – the civvie versions do have great color scheme! Those will be available separately soon. We’re working on a separate website for those and it will have the necessary info.

    @LouisvilleGun – it does not have to land on any specific side to activate the inertia driven firing system.

    • This seems really exciting. What a great way to enhance the capacity of small unit training.

      Definitely interested in seeing updates for this.

    • EDog says:

      @Helmie – So is the E1 the civvie versions and the E2 LEO/MIL only?

      • Helmie Ashiblie says:

        Yes sir, that’s correct. The name TRMR would be exclusive to the LEO version and a new term will be announced for the civvie E-1 (no safety, loads 209 primers).

        • EDog says:

          Sorry for the 1000 Q’s…so is the E1 going to be different than the ones at JDAirsoft? Will they have the X4 base + caliber adapter? Thanks for all the info!

          • Helmie Ashiblie says:

            Yes it will be; at the moment the US civvie version will only load 209 primers. They’re looking into 9mm blanks as well.

  4. SGT Heintz says:

    A long time ago in Small Arms Review there was a something similar to this in concept but it used CO2 cartridges. Anyone have any info on that? Thanks.

    • Helmie Ashiblie says:

      SGT, that was a Canadian company if I am not mistaken. They used CO2 to fill up a ballon with baby powder so that when it goes bang, you get powdered! Unfortunately for the life of me I can’t remember the company name. Sorry bro.

  5. Sydeburn says:

    The CO2 ones for airsoft are Hakkotsu Thunder B CO2, made overseas.

    The Canadian Made ones are by Airsoft Innovations and use green gas.

  6. Bill says:

    Now how will I mangle my hand?

    Looks really cool, particularly for agencies that don’t want the paperwork/accountability hassle: i.e. mine. I’m guessing that based on my understanding of the ignition system I’ll have to rig new bangpoles.

    • jbgleason says:

      Depending on how shock sensitive it is. Maybe it goes off when you breach the window with the pole? Or you just bang it against the side of the building if you want to deploy outside the window?

      • Helmie Ashiblie says:

        Gents, there is a video on the website that shows how it is armed and deployed. There is a safety button that serves dual purpose; when depressed it allows you to twist it to arm AND more importantly hold the firing mechanism in place until you deploy. When that button is release, the TRMR is live and goes off on impact.

  7. martin nielsen says:

    Good to see a civie version.

    I’ve used this one many times. Works 98% of the time. This one can land wrong on occasion.