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NRA Board of Director Ballots Are Out – Reichert Making Final Push

Steve Reichert is campaigning to become one of the NRA Board of Directors’ youngest members.  This week, ballots are arriving in eligible member’s mailboxes. Eligible members include Lifetime, Benefactor and regular members who have had 5+ years of consecutive membership. For more information, hit www.SteveReichert.com/NRA.


5 Responses to “NRA Board of Director Ballots Are Out – Reichert Making Final Push”

  1. Kango says:

    I used to follow him on bookface until he made some disparaging remarks about LE.

  2. Viper 1 says:

    If an LEO screws up and someone calls him or her on it, don’t shoot the messenger. I know he personally spends a lot of time supporting LEO’s out of his own pocket. I don’t agree with 100% of his views, but I’d stand beside him any day of the week.

  3. Scott says:

    I was cycling from NJ to DC for police week and Steve made a very generous donation to get me over my mark. I have known him since T1G and he would serve the NRA well. As he has served our country.

  4. Snakeman says:

    He’s got my vote

  5. kopfjager says:

    Reichert is a fucking poser who is hated by the entirety of the Marine Scout Sniper community. Fuck this guy.