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Should Vertx Offer A-TACS IX Camo?

If Vertx were to offer the A-TACS IX Camo pattern, would you be interested?

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60 Responses to “Should Vertx Offer A-TACS IX Camo?”

  1. HK says:

    I’d definitely buy a set in Medium-Long. Looks more effective to me than multicam.

    • Gary says:

      “Looks more effective to me than multicam…”

      And you base this on what exactly?

    • babola says:

      You one of Gy Cramer’s trolls?

      • babola says:


        • HK says:

          No, sorry if it came across that way. I’m in the southeast US with subtropic climate where foliage is denser and greener than the southwest, but not tropical green. Multicam can work but around here isn’t dark or coarse enough, and woodland camo is too dark. So this IX pattern seems better suited. You know even ACU works awesome if you’re hiding on gravel (joke) so it’s all about the environment. If Multicam is best for your environment then I can’t argue with that.

          • babola says:

            Ah, OK. Gotcha.
            And yes, I actually prefer ACU UCP pattern for some environments…it blends better than the rest. The issue is that the environments UCP is made to blend with are few and far between in the real world.


            • Uniform223 says:

              There was PLENTY WRONG with the UCP. Though in certain lighting conditions, foliage, distances, times of the year, concealment and season, and terrain; the UCP has an odd way of working. There were times in places like Ft. Bragg, Ft. Hunter Liggett, Ft. Irwin, and Camp Pendleton where the UCP had me scratching my head trying to figure out what I was looking at. Damn pattern worked way better when looked at with NODs than the old BDUs.

      • Uniform223 says:

        If it were Guy Cramer trolling he would create a very very long explanation as to why his works better than everyone else’s and then would bitch when his pattern isn’t selected.

        • balais says:


          You forgot the science woo-woo. Guy is a woo-meister if there ever was one.

          Now im going to go buy some negative ion generators 😀

  2. JKifer says:

    Yes, and yes.

  3. boi says:

    maybe but id be more interested in more kryptek stuff from them

  4. Snake says:

    Yes. I like the color they chose for the torso of that shirt too.

  5. Morris says:

    Yes. The IX looks great. I’d prefer patterned or tan 499 for the loop fields, though.

    • joe says:

      Tan 499 should work better than OD or Coyote, but I’d be more interested in a camouflage hook and loop cover in the same pattern.

      I never understood why giant Velcro fields are acceptable per .mil but sewing a unit patch to a camouflage hook and loop backing is verboten.

      Also, does the material of the body of a combat shirt prevent application of camo, or is it considered too costly given camouflage gear will be worn over it?

      • Lasse says:

        You can print camo onto the body material, but it’s not really needed.. And a lot of knit fabrics don’t really print that well, so you end up with some stupid print that lasts for 1 wash or the print will basically clog the breathability.

        • b_a says:

          Then what about knitting the pattern into the fabric?

          • Lasse says:

            It is technically possible (jaquard flat knit machine could do it), but not really feasable. You’d end up with an insane price as far as I know. Nike Tech Knit teeshirts are ~$150 to give you an idea where in the world you’d end up.

            And if you’re jaquard knitting the base, you have tons of more exciting options rather than just single jersey fabric…

  6. steave says:

    Vertx should make a less baggy version of the original pants, their pants look like they are made for clowns if you wear 32 waist 30-32 leg.

    • jellydonut says:

      They are a little bit baggy, but I like it that way.

      I’m also hilariously skinny so I think they will fill out when I get some squats in.

    • Cali8re says:

      Seconded. I love them but could use them more if they were less baggy. Then that would make three I own though

    • SShink says:

      On the flip-side, in the 38 range, they fit small. The long lengths are crazy long too (way too much so) – makes it tough to order a pair and have them fit.

    • D.B says:

      I am 34″W 34″L. I own 2 pair of Vertx pants, both had to be taken to the tailor to take the extra material from inside of the seam.

      It appears Vertx cut and styling is still stuck in the BDU-baggy era. Strange for pants which Arcteryx basically designed for them.

    • elliot says:

      I’m a 32-32 and they’re perfect on me, but then again I’m used to the USMC’s MC Hammer cammies.

    • sjl says:

      The pants in the photo appear to be the new combat/Crye style pants which were on display at SHOT. You can see the front thigh pocket in the photo.

      • babola says:

        Nope sorry. These are classic Vertx pants with an extra Crye-like front tigh pocket sewn on. That’s all. Which also looks out of place on theae pants since they originally (and are known for) feature in-set pocket of Arcteryx design.

        It’s now an unsightly mish-mash of inset and topical pockets on the originally sesignated low-profile, low-tac-look pair of pants.

  7. historia says:

    I really like the colorway of this camo

  8. Griffin says:

    No, there are far better patterns they haven’t offered yet. A-TACS IX sucks!

    • Wake27 says:

      All pants in regular MC, tropic, and arid. I don’t know what has taken so long for them to realize they should offer more styles in camo.

  9. Shred says:

    Vertx go for A-TACS IX! I like it way more than Kryptek and you gotta love how this pattern reminds you of Tiper Stripe…

  10. John B says:

    I really like the pattern. Vertex is good kit. I would grab up a set as soon as they became available.

  11. Bill says:

    Yes. Immediately, before the woods start leafing out. It subjectively looks more appropriate for FG than ATACS FG and less tropical than Multicam Tropical.

  12. Disco says:

    For the love of GOD someone please make some kind of trousers because I NEED these Tiger Stripes from Outer Space and the future for Vietnam War II or the collapse of society whichever comes first but ATACS needs to get this to market NOW.

    • ROB says:

      FULL OF WIN!!!!! Make a short brimmed boonie in the pattern and a plate carrier and I’ll join Disco for Back to the Jungle part Deux

    • Mario says:

      Tropic Thunder sequel will feature these…LOL!

  13. E.D.M. says:

    Yes…would buy

  14. JP says:

    I would hope to see Pencott patterns

    • Kris says:

      I’d love that too but I don’t think pencott sells well in the states. I heard tactical talior and grey ghoast are discontinuing them.

  15. Steveb says:

    Yes. Tan 499 or even better, iX patterned material for the torso and velcro

  16. Chris K. says:


  17. Gear Guy says:

    No. They can’t even provide additional sizes for the camo patterns they currently have, so why would adding this be any different. I love their stuff, but have to purchase patterned items from other companies because they have not added my size since the Multicam and Kryptek stuff first became available.

  18. Sapper6 says:

    Nope. Vertx pants are to MC Hammer baggy for me. I need to be able to move and run with out the unnecessary drag and weight.

  19. Jon Meyer says:

    I take back my OD or RG submission and concur with tan 499. That would be the ideal solid color/hook&loop color option.

  20. babola says:

    The new pattern may be effective, but good Lord it’s fugly.

    There…I said it.

    Shoot me.

    • D.B. says:

      I for one won’t shoot you. I agree. Not very visually attractive pattern I’d wear besides or instead of my Multicam garments.

      But you know what they say, looks is looks and Military isn’t a fashion show 😉 So both you and I would lose this argument.

    • Mario says:

      Nauseating and confused. But that’s what the maker could have been after? 🙂

      It may blend well, though.

  21. Gary says:

    No, sorry.

  22. Grump says:

    I’ve already purchased clothing in this camo pattern from another maker. Either get on board or get out of the way.

  23. KaosKydex says:

    I like the pattern due to its Tiger Stripesque feel. I would be interested in a set, but only if Mayflower releases the matching chest rig they showed off at SHOT.

  24. Luke says:

    I’d honestly prefer the ATACS FG, but even then I usually waffle for awhile and end up with solid color anyway.

    With the level of saturation in the market, I can’t see how there is room for anything but another flavor of the week camo-wise.

  25. elliot says:

    I’d buy a set just for sh*ts and giggles. Vertx makes the most comfortabe pants I’ve worn.

    It’d be nice if they went to buttons on the shoulder pockets instead of velcro only, though.

  26. elliot says:

    Also, when the hell are they going to make their 37.5 shirt in MC?

    • sjl says:

      The MC shirt and combat pants should be out this summer per the Vertx guys at SHOT. They had the uniform on display. Maybe SSD can post some pics of the full uniform.

  27. adil says:

    I’m in south east asia

    Though FG would work better here, Id grab the IX if this is the only pattern available from ATACS. Not too keen on kryptek Mandrake

  28. Mandingo says:

    Love seeing the Digital Concealment (parent company) guys getting so much love. But for wide-spread acceptance and availability, I’d rather see Tru-Spec run with it. Happily, we know they’ll never deal with 5.11…

    Love seeing great patterns made into actual goods, It’s a lot harder to do than say… “patent” 10,000 patterns, then lawsuit troll… but I digress.

    • Clint says:

      TRU-SPEC took it the day we pitched it. It has been in production for months. Release date on or about March 26th 2016. great input.