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Bawidamann Blades  – Nuckeye Titanium EDC Bottle Opener

This is a Ben Bawidamnn custom project that he finally made time for. It’s called the NUCK-EYE; a key chain/beer bottle opener with a little extra punch to it. Since they are Ohio boys, they thought that old number 17 would make a great addition to your nights out on the town. Someone’s point of view not lining up with your mid-western values? Use this handy tool to reset the conversation, then have a beer.


Each one is hand finished 6al4v Titanium in either quarter inch or half inch stock thickness, and every one is unique in color and finish.

Made in USA


2 Responses to “Bawidamann Blades  – Nuckeye Titanium EDC Bottle Opener”

  1. ejb3 says:

    $135 for the 1/4 inch thicj model? I am from Ohio and that is still too rich for me. Make some in aluminum and sell for $25 and I am in….

  2. Esteban says:

    I agree with ejb3! Jeez! I was going to buy one until I saw the price. NEXT!