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The SureFire SF-BFA-556-M4 Blank Firing Adapter

The SureFire SF-BFA-556-M4 was engineered for the issue M4 carbine with 14.5″ barrel with carbine gas system and designed to mount on SureFire 556 muzzle devices.

Hat tip to JW!


19 Responses to “The SureFire SF-BFA-556-M4 Blank Firing Adapter”

  1. Sneakynerd says:

    Looks overly built (size wise) compared to the current one.

  2. BAP45 says:

    Do they only function on the 14.5″?

  3. Jamie Wiedeman says:

    The SF-556-BFA-M4 was built to simulate the size and weight of the SOCOM556-RC suppressor. Blue color designates M4 and yellow is for the MK18. Once installed like a suppressor, the spud is tightened to the muzzle using a blank cartridge as a tool through the slot in the body. It’s heavy duty.

  4. Sneakynerd says:

    Would be nice enough to see a smaller BFA when one doesn’t need to simulate running a suppressor.

  5. SEK75XX says:

    Excellent. Are you all going to do a piece on the simunition adaptor (SF-TRAINER-556)?

  6. Chris says:

    When not tightened properly they make one heck of a projectile. Sounds fun until you’re the opfor on the receiving end of it!

  7. Wilsta says:

    You guys at soldier systems really need to put a bit more information in your showing of products. For instance, what does this blank fire adapter do, what is it for, what is its purpose. Showing a picture of somthing and just simply telling what it is does nothing to separate yall from google images.

    • SSD says:

      If you don’t know what a BFA is, this probably isn’t the website for you. We expect a certain level of expertise from our readership.

    • Ben says:

      Y are you even here (on this website)? Go read a book or enlist.

    • Mike says:

      The BFA is a tool of the devil that has ruined moto boot photos for years.