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Looking for SureFire NSNs?

I constantly hear from military personnel that tell me their supply room won’t requisition a piece of equipment unless it has an NSN. Well, if you’re looking for something from SureFire, they obviously cracked the code.  The list is extensive and covers every product category at SureFire.  



2 Responses to “Looking for SureFire NSNs?”

  1. Kevin says:

    I’m an Army supply specialist wit over 10 years in. People believe that just because it has an NSN you can order it and it will come in, not true. The entire military uses this system. If a maritime plate carrier has an NSN can I as an Army supply sergeant order it? Yes I most certainly can however, the SSA is going to shoot it down. There are also command restrictions. There are a lot of high speed lights on that list. I currently can’t order a flashlight that costs more than 20 dollars. I personally have done whatever I can to get my guys what they want but it isn’t always in the cards. There are ways around these restrictions but it dips into different pools of money. Brigade or battalion isn’t going to pull money from their pet projects because someone at the company level wants some cool guy stuff. The point I’m trying to make is that it’s not always your supply guy just not wanting to get your stuff. A lot of the time our hands are tied too.