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Tactical Tailor Pacific Northwest Pack Series Pricing

Tactical Tailor’s exciting new Pacific Northwest Pack series will be available to order on March 20th.



7 Responses to “Tactical Tailor Pacific Northwest Pack Series Pricing”

  1. Major Smoof says:

    Those are some impressively light packs!

    • Luke says:

      good point, now that you mention it for something ALICE based with that many pockets, those are VERY light.

  2. M.Sanchez says:

    I really dont need another pack….. but that Tahoma Tote looks rad. Couple questions about all these packs. How much adjustment is there with that new harness? Wide range for all torso sizes or just a tiny bit up & down? Is there any interior organization for radios, bladders etc?

    I actually already have a MALICE frame, will the packs be available minus the frame?

    They look damn good, I really dont need one… goddamnit…lol.

  3. Lucky says:

    Do they need someone to test them? Because, I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE

  4. Fly on the Wall says:

    They look like good designs but the Mystery Ranch NICE frame is the current ne plus ultra in ALICE compatible packframe designs. These bags on the MR Frame? Excellent.

    • Luke says:

      eh, call me crazy but I actually prefer the TT suspension to MR. Lighter and cheaper too.

  5. Pete says:

    Looks like the three ALICE frame versions are coming with new shoulder strap and waistband designs as well as a TT MALICE frame.
    The new shoulder strap / yoke design at least looks like it was made with DEI 1606 compatibility in mind (aftermarket for FILBE and Molle 4000 users?).

    The top one “The Regiment” looks promising but I can see two things I wonder about.
    1) The side cinch straps go over the outside pockets. I wonder if they will be willing to make those go through channels on those pockets allowing one to cinch the main pack and still access the contents of those pouches? Or at least the reasoning for that design choice?
    2) It looks like the Left side (as worn) has a large long pouch for camelbak holding and the right side (as worn) has a utility pouch. I wonder if that utility pouch can be used for two quart canteens and whether they will make the bag with that pouch on each side rather than the long camelbak pouch…