FirstSpear Friday Focus – Combat Anorak

Combat Anorak, Coyote

For this week’s Friday Focus, we’re taking a look at an update on a classic garment, the Combat Anorak. We first featured the Combat Anorak in 2011, when it was part of NFM’s GARM combat clothing line, imported by FirstSpear. Since then, FirstSpear has moved production to the USA, and the Anorak is now made of Nextec epic fabric, which is a highly water-resistant, silicone-encapsulated nylon.

With a classic Anorak cut it is a lightweight garment that is intended to serve as a shell over all of your equipment. Consequently, it is very generously cut and extends down low on the torso with a lower cut on the rear. In fact, generous might be a bit of an understatement; I’m currently able to comfortably wear a small as an overgarment, and I usually wear a large military jacket. Granted, that’s with standard clothing underneath, however even then there’s still some room to layer.

Venting is facilitated via a quarter length zipper from chin to chest as well as a mesh insert integrated into the back flap.


Internal gear is easily accessed by a tug on a pull tab. The half moon opening features two zippers as well as a snap backup to keep the opening securely closed. You grab the tab and pull down. With practice this can be done one-handed.Additionally, there is an access flap on the back of the Combat Anorak for packs or back panels.The hood is large enough to fit over a helmet and features four points of adjustment which are simple to use. Two of the hood adjustments are on the rear. That small flap covers a barrel lock that pulls the lower portion of the back toward the rear.The shoulders are capped with lightweight Cordura and the cuffs are secured via Velcro adjustment to accommodate a wide range of layered garments. Additionally, there are small 1? Velcro squares on both sleeves and the rear of the hood for IR or other ID squares. The Combat Anorak stores inside an integral stuff sack and can easily be carried in a pack or cargo pocket.


Available in Coyote and Urban Discreet, sizes SM – 2XL. – Combat Anorak


8 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Combat Anorak”

  1. Pro Patria says:

    “Since then, FirstSpear has moved production to the USA,”

    I have the GARM Overwhite version of this and in my informal testing it was the best set of the group I tested. The open pattern blended well in our snow conditions compared to several of the of the other commercial patterns which were to dense.

    Any chance of seeing them as US production next year?

    • CWG says:

      Sweet lord I would do anything for them to do a run over whites. So much money to get them from overseas.

  2. Was gutted they went out of these (temporarily) at just the time I finally decided to get one. Came back stronger though.

    Always felt a rain layer must be able to get thrown on quickly over the top of kit else you’ll probably catch a sudden shower and be wet before you can even get your rig off. Definitely seems the way to go.

    • m5 says:

      Sure, but is this supposed to be rain gear? Silicone encapsulated fibres give water resistance, but not proofness. Otoh, the breathability is also much better than with dedicated rain gear.

      • SSD says:

        It’s the same fabric used in PCU level 5

      • Ffair comment. I think a loose garment like that will prevent a lot of water getting on to kit though, softshell will wet out of course but I tend to find that where it’s not in contact with anything else it’ll keep the water off and not let it come dripping through while, as you say, retaining the breathing.

        Personally I’d love to try a version in gore-tex. As long as you’re not needing constant access to our rig it seems like the way to go. And if you were.. well you’re probably not caring about the rain I would imagine.

  3. m5 says:

    The obvious downside of wearing the anorak over the loadbearing kit is impairing the access to this kit. ‘Just’ one more zipper is plenty. Besides, having to open up the chest of the anorak is something one may prefer not to have to do in the harsh weather conditions that anoraks are traditionally designed for.

    So, what’s the benefit? If this was an ‘overwhite’, camouflage would be the obvious answear for covering the (presumably common) non-snow-camouflaged kit. But this anorak doesn’t seem to be available in white, nor in any sort of a camouflage pattern!

    Btw. The camouflage smocks of Waffen-SS were intended to be worn over the non-camo beltkit and uniform. These smocks were actually more like over-sized anoraks without hoods. In practise, however, the soldiers disliked covering their kit, and prefered wearing their belt kit on top for better access. Nevertheless, being reversible with different camo variants, including white to woodland patterns, the smocks represented a pretty impressive effort at improving the camouflage of the infantry man. Unlike some contemporary efforts…

    • SSD says:

      Obviously, it’s not for you. I really see no point in discussing your concerns, since they (and NFM) have been selling these for years. I’d say, there was a significant customer base that sees this product’s benefit.